Artist: Matt Borghi & Michael Teager
Album: Convocation

Label: Slobor Media
Released: 31 January 2013

Convocation Awaken the Electric Air
Convocation (63'18") is Matt Borghi & Michael Teager's musical experiment in somnolence. With Borghi on guitar and Teager on saxophone this album presents five gorgeous and languid soundworlds within which to drift. In a league with releases such as Landscape in Obscurity by Vidna Obmana and Threads by Travis & Fripp, listeners will also be reminded of David Bowie's reed playing on the track "Neukoln" from the Ambient portion of Heroes - where perhaps the sax made its Spacemusic debut. While these noted titles include a diversity of compositions Convocation does not. This work is more like a series of improvisations. Time feels slowed down by the production of the seemingly extended sonic meditations - which have wondrously arisen out of the interaction between the players, the tones their instruments emanate and a fragile ceremonial atmosphere. Each realization consists of guitar drones or loops establishing a foundation above which the saxophone soulfully plays - all enshrouded in a cavernous reverberation. Yet these minimal elements yield music with the ability to evoke complex moods within its audience. It may be that Convocation has secret depths - which extend as far as the listener is willing to explore.

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END   25 April 2013

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