Artist: Max Corbacho + Bruno Sanfilippo
Album: Indalo

Released: July 2004
Label: a21

On Indalo (70'50"), Max Corbacho and Bruno Sanfilippo collaborate to produce a musical crosscurrent of directions and influences. This work tells of a shared spiritual imagination and of the steps each artist has taken toward enlightenment. Their detailed harmonic soundscapes portray the vast expanse of a timeless panorama. Travelers through this dark sonic landscape become part of the view - as are the composers, seen hovering around their musical themes. Elsewhere, lost within atonal washes, we peer into darkness. In these passages, the sustained ambiguity of this work converges with a profound stillness, and the strange rush of your own blood. Indalo is a ceremonial work based on the power of an inspirited place. Of all artforms, music has the unique ability to depict more than simply one moment frozen in space - and just as reality evolves over time, so does this album. It is a transportive listening experience and a fulfilling distraction to the psychological disquiet of the modern world.

- STAR'S END/Chuck van Zyl   12 August 2004