Artist: Fhloston Paradigm
Album: The Gatherings 21 April 2018

Released: 5 February 2021
Label: CIMA of PA

The Gatherings 21 April 2018
The music of Fhloston Paradigm is realized with a gentle precision, and generates reassuring textures of electrical synthesizer tones and digital atmospheres. The star-gazing alter-ego of Musician/DJ/Producer/Professor King Britt, this project journeys through a spacey sonic realm to the tug of some unseen charm. Joined for this performance by collaborator/vocalist Pia Ercole their album The Gatherings 21 April 2018 (51'22") delves into the pervasive sense of calm known to Ambient Music, yet sharpened by a potent future forward spell. While the two musicians quietly and intelligently investigate sonics and space, the audience follows - each into their own personal realm.

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END   5 February 2021

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