Profile: Datadrift

Datadrift is the Electronic Music project from Philadelphia-based innovative musician Guinevere Molly Campbell. Creating soundscapes since 1996, she uses an East-Coast, hardware-focused approach. Based on her love of the synthesizer keyboard interface, as well as the corralling of machines with unique interfaces and timbres, Datadrift tends to her machines - as she has them communicating with one another in dialog and harmony.

Her principal approach is texture-driven. Creating synthesizer patches that resonate with a mood or idea, Datadrift generates a sonic palette - and works to create a soundscape that combines improvisation with aspects of sequenced pre-sets.

While predominantly instrumental and ambient, her work includes some forays into indie/experimental pop-driven song structures and vocals. Her influences include Brian Eno, Jean-Michel Jarre, Tangerine Dream, Dead Can Dance, The Legendary Pink Dots, David Sylvian, Kate Bush, and atmospheric songs and trance-like passages in 60s-80s pop, cold and new wave, and post-punk. Using all of these reference points, Datadrift easily suceeds at producing her own distinctly original electronic realizations.


An avid concert performer, Datadrift will make her The Gatherings Concert Series debut on 16 September 2017.

Surrounding this performance, Datadrift will play a live on-air radio concert on an upcoming broadcast of STAR'S END. Please tune in for details.


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