STAR'S END  1-6AM SatNight/SunMorning  Playlist for 1 January 2006
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Host: Chuck van Zyl

* 2005 - Year in Review Part One *

ARTIST                  TRACK                   ALBUM (label)

Arc                     Helicon                 Arcturus (DiN)
Rudy Adrian             Sisters                 To the Sky and Beyond the Stars
G Emmens/R Heij - Moments of Unexpected - Blind Watchers of a Vanishing Night
Paul Ellis              Trillium                Silent Conversations (groove)
Dean DeBenedictis       The Tech Atonement of - Salvaging the Past
John Lakveet            Copleston Aperture      The Force of Reason (groove)
Vic Hennegan            Desert God              Desert God (space for music)

Radio Massacre Int'l - An Interstellar Vacuum - Emmissaries (cuneiform)
Redshift                Pyro_Gen                Faultline
Brendan Pollard         Valve                   Expansion (acoustic wave)
Ken Martin              Ancestral Voice         Beyond Ultraviolet (sfm)
Spyra                Future of the Part Pt II - Meditationen (manikin)

Tetsu Inoue             Flow                    Yolo (DiN)
Robert Rich/Ian Boddy   Vent.Chamber            Lithosphere (DiN)
Solar Fields            Air Song                Extended (ultimae)
Lammergeyer             Promise                 Borders & Barrens (dataobscura)
Moby                    Lilly                   Hotel (v2)
Fripp & Eno             Tarzed                  The Equatorial Stars (opal)
Brian McBride           Silent Motels           When the Detail Lost Its Freedom
Ashley/Story            Weights and Measures    Standing + Falling (nepenthe)
Harold Budd             Little Heart            Avalon Sutra (samadhisound)

Darshan Ambient         Slow Drift              Re:Karma (lotuspike)
Brian Parnham - Tread to Trail.From Rush to Rust - Between Here & There
David Parsons           Chautha Loka            Inner Places (celestial harmonies)
David Hykes             Unity Meditation One    Harmonic Meditations
Robert Scott Thompson - Of Mirrored Air - At the Still Point of the Turning World
Dwight Ashley           Machina Ex Deus         Four (nepenthe)
Numina                  Frozen Halo             Eye of the Nautilus (hypnos)
Steve Kornicki          Tonal Shift - Orchestral Conceptual and Ensemble Music

Sonogram        The Mermaid Remains Oblivious - Substrates (simulacra)
Thom Brennan            Time                    Silver
C Padilla/Zero Ohms - Leaving the Shadow of Heaven - Path of Least Resistance
Kettel                  Wim Hoffman             Volleyed Iron (u-cover)
Patrick O'Hearn         Still Standing          Slow Time
Tim Story               So Near the Clouds      Caravan (nepenthe)
Max Richter             The Trees               The Blue Notebooks (fat cat)
Windy and Carl          Sketch for Flea      The Dream House/Dedications to Flea


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