STAR'S END  1-6AM SatNight/SunMorning  Playlist for 9 January 2005
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Host: Chuck van Zyl

* 2004 - Year in Review Part Three *

ARTIST                  TRACK                   ALBUM (label)

Dweller at the
 Threshold              Part 1                  Full Boundary Condition (quantum)
Under the Dome          Espresso Shake          Over the Pond (cochlear vision)
The Glimmer Room        excerpt                 Grey Mirrors (a-frame)
The Ministry of
 Inside Things          Love Attack             ECHOES Living Room Concerts 10
Luca Formentini         Mother                  Subterraneans (auditorium)
Robert Rich             Erasing Traces          Calling Down the Sky

Pub                     Derail                  Pub Single (ampouloe)
Dino Pacifici           When It Came            The Float Zone
Biosphere       Path Leading to the High Grass  Shenzhou (touch)
Kit Watkins             Circumference of One    This Time and Space
Off the Sky     Cold Distances to a Warm Place  Cold Distances (databloem)
Current                 Carpet Magic            Musik (origo sound)

Steve Roach             Wicked Dream            Fever Dreams (projekt)
Corbacho+Sanfilippo Signs of Former Experiences Indalo (ad21)
Spielerei               Displaying Movements    Once Upon a Time (databloem)
Dan Barrio              As Things Are           This Physical World
Living Dreamtime        Pulsation Planet        Exploring the Water Element
Vidna Obmana            I                       Phrasing the Air (hypnos)
Petri Kuljuntausta      Canvas                  Momentum (aureobel)

Radio Massacre Int'l    In a Not Quiet Way      People Would Really Like Space..
Bruno Sanfilippo        Onira                   Ad Libitum (ad21)
Lori Carson             Grey World              The Finest Thing (meta)
Alpha Wave Movement  Another Space Another Time Ambienism (spiralight)
D Martin C Gallagher    Leaving Shigatse        Tibet (spotted peccary)
Baird Hersey + Prana    Aparigrahah             The Eternal Embrace
Kit Watkins             Le Petit Wave           Unraveled
Jim Cole M Grassow      The Last Bright Light   The Last Bright Light (atmoworks)

Numina + Caul           Uncertain Moment        Inside the Hollow Realm (gestalt)
W Basinski + R Chartier excerpt                 Wm Basinski + R Chartier (12k)
J Johnson + Vir Unis    excerpt                 Easting (atmoworks)
Michael Jon Fink        excerpt               A Temperament for Angels (cold blue)
Barry Cleveland       Stones of Precious Water  Memory & Imagination
Ron Boots B Broekhius   Floating                Hydrythmix (groove)
Mark Dwane            The Mists of Uncertainty  The Sirius Connection (trondant)
Jim Fox                 excerpt          The City the Wind Swept Away (cold blue)


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