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* 2015 - Year in Review Part Two *

ARTIST                  TRACK                   ALBUM (label)

Ombient                 Undersea Miner          Sectio Aurea (synkronos music)
Jed Kurzel              Murder                  MacBeth (decca)
State Azure             Vertigo                 Digiseeds (ultimae)
Nils Frahm              Some                    Solo (erased tapes)
Barreca/Leimer          Loess                   Field Characteristics (palace of lights)
Max Richter             Love and Imagination    Testament of Youth (milan)
Kammarheit              Aeon                    The Nest (cyclic law)
Steve Roach             Part One (excerpt)      Alive in the Vortex (timeroom)

Arc                     Filtered Through Haze   Arclight (DiN/DDL)
Chronotope Project      Canticle for the Stars  Dawn Treader (spotted peccary)
Max Corbacho            Wave of Reflection      Splendid Labyrinths (self-released)
Time Being              The Wind Has Called     A Place to Belong (spotted peccary)
B Salisbury/G Barrow    The Turing Test         Ex Machina (invada)
Christophe Beck         Five Miles Away         Good Kill (lakeshore)
The Orb                 Lunar Caves             Moonbuilding 2703 AD (kompakt)
Charles Cohen           Spirit Mountain         Brother I Prove You Wrong (morphine)
Syn                     Part II (excerpt)       Aqueous (self-released)

Dirk Serries            The Imperative Edge     Disorientation Flow (projekt)
Nymphalida              Berchida                Loghi (psychonavigation/tranquillo)
Olan Mill               Mussart                 Cavade Morlem (dronarivm)
Another Fine Day        Naiad                   A Good Place to Be (interchill)
Marconi Union           Fading                  Departures (chemical tapes)
The New Composers       Long SQ                 Smart (psychonavigation)
Slow Meadow             A Farewell Sonata       Slow Meadow (hammock music)
Jack Hertz              Rain of Ice             Nataraj (aural films)

Emmens/Heij             Whispering Winds...     Echoes From Future Memories (self-released)
Dan Pound               Through the Fog Pt 1    Change of Weather (self-released)
David Torn           At Least There Was Nothing Only Sky (ecm)
Steve Brand             Transitional Experience Second Spring (pioneer light)
Robert Davies           Sanctum                 Nightshade (dataObscura)
Ebauche                 Warmth                  Adrift (invisible agent)
Stratosphere            Accepting the Aftermath Aftermath (projekt)

Corcoilli               A Noite Do Meu Bam      Unfinito (azul music)
Johan Agebjorn          The Right to Play       Notes (paperbag records)
Deborah Martin          Twilight                Under the Moon (spotted peccary)
Frore & Shane Morris    Orison                  Blood Moon (spotted peccary)
Erik Wollo              Timemorph               Blue Radiance (projekt)
Hollan Holmes           The Year's First Rain   Incandescent (self-released)
Three Fields            Rise                    Home (self-released)
Olafur Arnalds          Written in Stone        The Chopin Project (mercury classics)
Pete Barnhart & David Rose - Grace              Fall to Grace (spirit winds)
Leila Abdul-Rauf        Wane                    Insomnia (malignant/antibody)
SourceCodeX             Day by Day              Rebirth (self-released)


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