Star's End Playlist 01.17.99

"Star's End" 1-6AM SatNight/SunMorning  Playlist January 11th, 1998
88.5fmWXPN Philadelphia/88.1fmWXPH Harrisburg,PA/90.5fmWKHS Worton/Baltimore,MD
Host; Jeff Towne

ARTIST                  TRACK                   ALBUM (label)

Dogon                   The Seer Mix            redunjusta (New Dog)
Neotropic               (excerpt)    Mr Brubaker's Strawberry Alarm Clock (Ninjatune)
Steve Roach             Seeking                 Dreaming Now/Then(CelestialHarmonies)
Spacecraft     Dialoges of Energy/Astrollenium  Hummel (Lektronic Soundscapes)
Ashera                  Astral Travel           Ambient Selections (Ashera)
Jeff Pearce             Inner Light             Daylight Slowly (Hypnos)

Jon Jenkins             Breathing in the Deep   Flow (Spotted Peccary)
jhno                    (untitled)              kwno (New Dog)
Transient Waves         Rest for the Weary      Wading and Waiting (Darla)
Dreuding/Ferraro        Bounce Back             Wissahickon (Encounter)
Shaman's Dream     Summer Night's Compassion    Breathing (Shaman's Dream)

Jeff Pearce             Known Presence          Daylight Slowly (Hypnos)
Richard Thomas          Sation Ductile Warrior  Shoes & Radios Attract Paint (L)
Spacebow                Slow Waves              Big Waves (Noteworks)
System Error            Expunged                Nothing (Headphone)
Laocoon                 Transcendence           Immersion (Parnassus Nump)
Paul Avgerinos          Sky of Grace            Sky of Grace (EarthSea)
Saul Stokes           Open Your Eyes Maitreya   Zo Pilots (Hypnos)
Bon Lozaga              Will It?        Soundscape Gallery 2 va (Lektronic Soundscapes)
Darrin Verhagen         Cs-137+I-131            Soft Ash (Listen)
John Waterman           Stone #20/3/150/1       Babel #1 (Stille Andacht)
Steve Roach/Vidna Obmana  The Memory Pool 2     Ascension of Shadows (Projekt)
Paul Schutze            Slow Glass              Stateless (Big Cat)
Plastikman              Contained               Consumed (Novamute)
James Newton            ise         Japan:The Spirit of Water va (Celestial Harmonies)
Davy Spillane           The May Morning Dew     The Sea of Dreams (Covert)
Bang on a Can           2/2                     Music for Airports (Point)
Spool                   3                       Spool (New Dog)
Ashera                  Understanding           Ambinet Reflections (Ashera)
Dwight Ashley/Tim Story  Rift                   Drop (Lektronic Soundscapes)
Gavin Bryars            Cello Concerto         Farewell to Philosophy (Point)
Jeff Pearce             Cloud Water Rising      Daylight Slowly (Hypnos)

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