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Host: Chuck van Zyl

* 2018 - Year in Review Part Four *

ARTIST                  TRACK                           ALBUM (label)

Parallel Worlds/Dave Bessell - Forest of Stars          Dystopia (DiN)
Surf Gazer              Moon Tides                      In Love With The Moon (aural films)
Cosmic Ground           Darkness                        Relics vol 1 (self-released)
Tim Motzer/Markus Reuter - Rapture (Coda)               Rapture (1k recordings)
The Soviet Space Dog Project - A Bunch of Cosmic...     First Orbit (self-released)
Alluste                 Distant Voices                  Alien Worlds (self-released)
TJ Porter               Present-Future                  Present-Future (self-released)
Biome                   Rain Temple                     The Shores of Tenemos (biome music)

Saul Stokes             Shattered METRO                 Expansion (self-released)
SubtractiveLAD          Infinite Things                 Winthin and Without (self-released)
Max Richter             If You Love Me                  Mary Queen of Scots (deutsche grammophon)
Steven Kemner           Because of That Day             Little Notes (fluid audio)
Eleni Karaindrou        Lament                          Tous Des Oiseaux (ecm)
The Gentlemen Losers    Make We Here Our Camp of Winter Make We Here Our Camp of Winter (sound in silence)
Sinerider               Aomori                          Four Years Away (sound in silence)
Steppe-Scape (Stars of Eurasia) - Mountain Tooson Top   The Great Steppe Live (iapetus media)
Jarguna & Friends       Omines Morimur                  Trapped vol 2 (projekt)
K Markov                Part 3                          Abandoning Earth (self-released)
Endless Meloncholy - Like a Sudden Glimpse of Shimmering Light - Fragments of Scattered Whispers (dronarivm)

Bluetech                Bardo Waves                     Liquid Geometries (DiN)
Max Richter             1985                            White Boy Rich (deutsche grammophon)
Forma                   New City                        Semblence (kranky)
Arjen Schat             20180814                        AS (self-released)
Parallel Worlds         A Dream Within A Dream          Tonal Paintings (electronique)
Styrofoam               We Can Never Go Home            We Can Never Go Home (sound in silence)
Hainbach                Your Strange Glitter            Elements and Particles (DiN)
Pulse Emitter           Chateau Night                   Xenharmonic Passages (expansive)
Solaris                 Nightbloom Unfolding            Chimera (exosphere)
Dedekind Cut            Tahoe                           Tahoe (kranky)

Bruce Bennett           Textures II                     Krell Music (aural films)
Thom Yorke              The Jumps                       Suspiria (xl recordings)
Travis & Fripp          Moonchild                       Between the Silence (panegyric)
Libera                  Lacrymosa                       Beyond (invisible hands)
Johann Johannsson       Death and Ashes                 Mandy (lakeshore records)
Lingua Lustra           Seeds in the Wind               Nautilus (exosphere)
Steve Roach             Liminal                         Mercurius (projekt)
Transponder             Orb of Witnessing               Beholder (exosphere)
Forrest Smithson        Positional Grace                The Accomplished View (self-released)
Marc Barreca            Claviux                         Shadow Aesthetics (palace of lights)
Dean Sabatino           The Unfortunate Math            The Unfortunate Math of Existence (self-released)

Steve Hauschildt        M Path                          Dissolvi (ghostly international)
Remote Vision           The Glittercliff                Into Light (exosphere)
Vantzou                 Staircase                       N4 (kranky)
Michel Banabila         An Image of a Metropolis...     Imprints (self-released)
Gri & Mosconi           Titan Rain                      Between Ocean and Sky (slowcraft)
Fabio Keiner            All Alone I Go                  7 Jesei (exosphere)
Master Margherita    Eight Degrees South (Ultimae Dub)  Border 50 (ultimae)
Cosmic Ground           Sunday Morning                  Relics vol 2 (self-released)
Bob Holroyd             Enough                          The Cage (self-released)
David Lang              After Sorrow                    Mystery Sonatas (cantaloupe music)


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