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Host: Chuck van Zyl

* 2015 - Year in Review Part Four *

ARTIST                  TRACK                   ALBUM (label)

Redshift                Soft Summer Rain        Life to Come (distant sun)
Palancar                Janus                   Shani (emergant world)
Michael Padilla         Crossing East           Atmospheres (strange fish)
Bob Holroyd             The Path Ahead          Blueprint (self-released)
Kevin Keller            La Strada               La Strada (self-released)
Ken Camden              Brain Work              Dream Memory (kranky)
Max Richter             Path 5                  From Sleep (deutsche grammophon)
Dave Luxton             Palomar                 Strange Environs (wayfarer)
Steve Brand             The Long Way Home       Songs From Unknown Territory (pioneer light)

As If                   Horisont                Havet (gterma)
Martin Nonstatic        Out of Silence          Granite (ultimae)
Three Fields            Part 2                  Technologies (installed worlds)
Robert Rich             Telomere                Echoes Live 21 (echodisc)
Anders Jorgenson        Stormchaser		Greatest Hits (syngate)
Urenga                  Ocean's Secret          Pacific Depths (gterma)
George Wallace    The Night the Angels Arrived  Light Music (airborn)
Richard Bone            Transposon              Involution (quirkworks)

Robert Scott Thompson   Skyway                  Pale Blue Dot (aucourant)
Helios                  Skies Minus             Yume (unseen)
Divine Matrix           Ominous Sky             Cloudsurfing (ad music)
Disasterpeace           Jay                     It Follows (milan)
Steve Moore             Intro & Credits         Cub (relapse)
Modulator ESP    Spectral Symmetries (excerpt)  Invisible Spectra (self-released)
Darkhalf                excerpt                 Live at Sonic Electronic Halloween Show 31 October 2015 (self-released)
Steve Roach             excerpt                 Vortex Immersion Zone (timeroom)
Slicnaton               Repossesion             Autoscopy (silber)
Nils Frahm           Our Own Roof.A Stolen Car  Victoria (erased tapes)

Steve Roach             Night One (excerpt)     Bloodmoon Rising (timeroom)
Sakamoto Illuha Deupree Movement 1              Perpetual (12k)
Ishq                    excerpt                 Winter Light (self-released)
Arvo Part               Fratres                 Musica Selecta (ecm)
Jeff Pearce    A Long Winter's Sleep (excerpt)  Winter Calm (self-released)

Erik Wollo              No. 2                   Echotides (projekt)
Thought Guild           Moon Blossom Meditation Third Voyage (harmonic resonance)
Nord                    Part 1 (excerpt)        Sequenced Feelings (kontinuum)
K Markov                Linear Change (excerpt) Liquid (self-released)
John Christian          Pacific                 Sol Invictus (self-released)
UOVI                    A Seperate Reality      UOVI (offshoot/psychonavigation)
Cosmonauttransfer       Sleeping Galaxy         Watching Stars Burn (self-released)
Stratosphere            Accepting the Aftermath Aftermath (projekt)


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