STAR'S END  1-6AM SatNight/SunMorning  Playlist for 10 February 2013
88.5fmWXPN Philadelphia|99.7fmWXPH HarrisburgPA|90.5fmWKHS Worton/BaltimoreMD|
Host: Chuck van Zyl w/Jeff Towne

Winter Fundraising Edition - intermittent pitching ARTIST TRACK ALBUM (label) 1:00am Arc Part 1 Arcturus (DiN) Michael Bundt La Chasse Aux Microbes Just Landed Cosmic Kid (asylum) Klaus Schulze Georg Trakl X (magnum music) Javi Canovas Mechanical Spirit Psychedelic Voyage (self-released) 2:00am Michael Hoenig Hanging Garden Transfer Departure From the Northern Wasteland (kuckuck) Ian Boddy tracks 1 2 3 4 5 6 Chiasmata (DiN) Telomere Visions Lux Primordia (evenfall) 3:00am Jean-Michel Jarre Parts 5 6 7 8 Equinoxe (polydor) Skoulaman Why Are the Roads So Empty? Synthesizer Mood (self-relased) Northern Valentine Fin de Siecle Fin de Siecle (silber media) 4:00am Saul Stokes Lowlands Formation (self-released) Chuck van Zyl Charon Cenotaph (synkronos) ['ramp] Doomsday in Family Time Astral Disaster (doombient) 5:00am Brian Eno Lux 1 Lux (warp) Ian Boddy Forgotten.Rest Sepulchre (DiN/DDL) Harold Budd/Brian Eno The Pearl The Pearl (eg records) Ralph Lundsten Amen Cosmic Love (harvest) Vangelis Part 1 (excerpt) Heaven and Hell (rca) Teddy Lasry Ambre Seven Stones (rca) 6:00am

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