STAR'S END  1-6AM SatNight/SunMorning  Playlist for 20 March 2016
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Host: Chuck van Zyl

ARTIST                  TRACK                   ALBUM (label)

Jack Hertz              Space-Time Crystal      Planet Red (aural films)
Cosmonauttransfer       Deep Space 3            Deep Space (self-released)
Tangerine Dream         Stratosfear             Stratosfear (virgin)
G Getty/S Whitlan       Penultmation            Even Higher Green (retrochet records)
Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith   Careen                  Euclid (western vinyl)

Ombient                 Undersea Miner          Sectio Aurea (synkronos music)
Jed Kurzel              Murder                  MacBeth (decca)
State Azure             Vertigo                 Digiseeds (ultimae)
Nils Frahm              Some                    Solo (erased tapes)
Barreca/Leimer          Loess                   Field Characteristics (palace of lights)
Max Richter             Love and Imagination    Testament of Youth (milan)
Kammarheit              Aeon                    The Nest (cyclic law)
Steve Roach             Part One (excerpt)      Alive in the Vortex (timeroom)

Vic Hennegan            Human Search            Space and Shadows (self-released)
Forrest Smithson        Seventh Circle          Reversal of Thought (self-released)
SubtractiveLAD          My Heart A Cube         Nucleus (self-released)
Fous de la Mar   For the Man Who Fell to Earth  Musiques Pour Films (elux records)
Mark Korven             William's Confession    The Witch (milan)
Comfortlevel7           Untitled                Mortal (simulacra)
K Markov                Sleep Now               After the Storm (self-released)
krill.minima            Nachtigal               Sekunden Schlaf (psychonavigation)
Hotel Neon              Deluge                  Remnants (fluid audio)
Tom Eaton               In Stillness            Abendromen (river wider records)

Bernhard Wostheinrich   The Gatherings 2015     Live at The Gatherings 2015 (iapetus media)
The Ministry of Inside Things - Aphelion Season.Six Sided Crystal - Ambient Elsewhere (synkronos music)

Simon Lomax             excerpt                 An Ember Glows (self-released)
Slow Meadow             tracks 2 3              Slow Meadow (hammock music)
Orbit Over Luna         Chambers of the Sea     Transit (self-released)
Steve Roach             Emotion Revealed        Emotions Revealed (projekt)
Fictions and Poetics    Am I Going Home?        Our Last Days (dataObscura)


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