Star's End Playlist for 03.23.97

"Star's End" 1-6AM SatNight/SunMorning Playlist for March 23rd, 1997 88.5fmWXPN Philadelphia/88.1fmWXPH Harrisburg,PA/90.5fmWKHS Worton/Baltimore,MD Host: Chuck van Zyl *Concert Preview* "Bionaut" live at Star's End Gathering X on March 29th, 1997 ARTIST TRACK ALBUM (label) 1:00am Live Telephone Interview w/Paul Eggleston of "Bionaut" Plus Music [30'] Bionaut Orb This Au Naturel (Tiny Bubbles) Bionaut Narcolepsy Au Naturel (Tiny Bubbles) 1:30am Bionaut Born to Goa Au Naturel (Tiny Bubbles) Human Mesh Dance Tracing CloudWatch VA (Sonic Soul) van Zyl Saturn IV CloudWatch VA (Sonic Soul) Spacetime Continuum Pressure CloudWatch VA (Sonic Soul) 2:00am Bionaut 3rd Secretary from the Sun Big Causeway Test Press Alpha Wave Movement Purge The Edge of Infinity (Cue) Cathexis Manatee Exempli Gratia (Hypnotic) Ron Boots Of Desolate Places and Urban Jungles (Amplexus) Loren Nerell Irama Lilin Dewa (Side Effects) 3:00am Bionaut Big Causway to Gone Big Causeway Test Press Star's of the Lid Central Texas.Sun Drugs The Ballasted Orchestra (Kranky) Surface 10 LightWithoutReflection.ConcentrationsSurface 10 (Hypnotic) Robert Scott Thompson Dreamsong The Silent Shore (Oasis) 4:00am Bionaut Leary's 2nd Debut Big Causeway Test Press Bond Bergland/The Brain Anderson In.Chicago Il Cluster Live USA 1996 (PurplePyramid) Steve Roach/Vidna ObmanaAscension For ProtectionThe Cavern of Sirens (Projekt) Coyote Oldman The Shape of Time In Beauty I Walk (Hearts Of Space) Coma Virus Arcana Mundi Hidden (Side Effects) 5:00am Bionaut Asleep at the Knob Au Naturel (Tiny Bubbles) Jeff Pearce A Fragile Light Echoes Living Room Concerts 2 (EchoDisc) KelilBjornstad/DDarling Part V The River (ECM) Mark van Hoen AGlimmerOfForgottenAncestors The Last Flowers From The Darkness (Touch) James Asher Dawn at Dev-Aura Dance of the Light (New Earth) Djivan Gasparyan A Cool Wind is Blowing Trance Planet 3 (Triloka) 6:00am Philip Glass Heroes Heroes Symphony (Point)

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