STAR'S END  1-6AM SatNight/SunMorning  Playlist for 25 March 2018
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Host: Chuck van Zyl

ARTIST                  TRACK                           ALBUM (label)

TJ Porter               So Far Away                     Relics (self-released)
Janne Hanhisuanto       Synastasia 11                   Synastasia (self-released)
Dave Luxton             Helix                           Explorations of Infinity (wayfarer)
Ken Elkinson            New Orbit (Wind Song)           Music for Telecommuting (august son)
Richard Bone            Nights in Eriou                  Nibiru (quirkworks)
Kloob                   Kochi Sunset                    Remarkable Events (winter-light)
Max Richter             Rosalee Theme                   Hostiles (deutsche grammophon)

Redshift                Glide.Rock                      Toll (distant sun)
Pollard Canovas Dolente Daniel - Route of Industrial... Two Roads (acoustic wave records)
Chuck van Zyl           From the Shade of the... Pt 3   Recitals 2 (pre-release)
Johann Johannsson       Karen Byr Til Engil             The Mercy (deutsche grammophon)

The Nightcrawlers       Modern Pre-Flight               The Biomorphic Boombox Recordings (anthology recordings)
K Markov                Explorer (excerpt)              Explorer (self-released)
Paul Schutze            excerpt                         The Sky Torn Apart (glacial movements)
John Luther Adams       excerpt                         Everything That Rises (cold blue)

Safe Creations          Huygens Probe Lands on Titan    Images of Saturn (anvil creations)
Phobos                  Spaceship Graveyard             Approaching Dark Space (self-released)
Slow Dancing Society    Descending                      My Blue Heaven (hidden shoal)
Tim Motzer              I Remember Forever              Soak (1k recordings)
Steven Kemner           Prelude                         Live at Mercy College (self-released)
Panoptique Electrical   In a Vow of Silence             Quiet Ecology (sound in silence)
Elegi                   Vemod                           Bansull (dronarivm)
Test Card             The Sleep Field is Now an Estate  Rediffusion (sound in silence)
Jarguna and Friends     Red Petroglyph                  Trapped vol 1 (projekt)
Pausal                  Scatter                         Avifaunal (dronarivm)

Robert Rich             Witchetty Vartu                 The Biode (soundscape)
Forrest Fang            The Great Migration             Scenes From a Ghost Train (projekt)
Fhloston Paradigm       The Warmth of the Star          Live on Star's End (kingbrittarchives)
Matthew Shaw            Harmonograph                    Structure and Forces (DiN)
Nils Frahm              My Friend the Forest            All Melody (erased tapes)


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