STAR'S END  1-6AM SatNight/SunMorning  Playlist for 29 March 2020
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Host: Chuck van Zyl

ARTIST                  TRACK                           ALBUM (label)

Daniel/Booth		Neuropa (excerpt)		Inverse (eco)
Syndromeda		Hreyfing Fjigur 		K A L T (syngate)
Arjen Schat		Intricacies Of Life		LP2 (tresor d argent)
Amongst Myselves	Ediacara			The Good Earth (self-released)

Jeff Pearce		Gathering the Seven Voices	Songs for The Gathering (self-released)
Hollan Holmes		Slipstream			Milestones (spotted peccary)
Vic Hennegan		tracks 2 3			Between the Spaces (self-released)
Alluste			Aludra				Aludra (self-released)
Perge			The Voyeur			Out the Way We Came In (perge music)

Redshift                Soft Summer Rain		Life to Come (distant sun)
Palancar                Janus				Shani (emergent world)
Michael Padilla         Crossing East			Atmospheres (strange fish)
Bob Holroyd             The Path Ahead			Blueprint (self-released)
Kevin Keller            La Strada			La Strada (self-released)
Ken Camden              Brain Work			Dream Memory (kranky)
Max Richter             Path 5				From Sleep (deutsche grammophon)
Dave Luxton             Palomar				Strange Environs (wayfarer)
Steve Brand             The Long Way Home		Songs From Unknown Territory (pioneer light)

Perceptual Defence/Robert Rich - Caelum			Caelum et Infernum (syngate)
K Leimer		This Day is the Same Day	A Figure of Loss (palace of lights)
Steve Roach       Circular Ceremony.Looking for Safety  The Sky Opens (projekt)

Dave Bessell		A Man is a Small Thing and...	Reality Engine (DiN)
Lingua Lustra		Photon Warp			Astra (exosphere)
Jarguna			The Crystal Staircase		The Morning Star (projekt)
Roger Eno/Brian Eno	Obsidian			Mixing Colours (deutsche grammophon)
Alio Die/Parallel Worlds - Beams of Sunlight		The Utopian Blossom (hic sunt leones)
Steve Tibbetts		Burning Temple			Compilation: Acoustibbetts/Elektrobitts/Exotibbetts (frammis)
Kirsten Agresta Copley	Winter's Bone			Around the Sun (self-released)
Phillip Wilkerson	The Way of Heaven		Absolute Fields (stereoscenic records)
Chris Russell		Soul Nexus			Destiny (spotted peccary)


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