STAR'S END  1-6AM SatNight/SunMorning  Playlist for 30 March 2003
88.5fmWXPN Philadelphia/88.1fmWXPH HarrisburgPA/90.5fmWKHS Worton/BaltimoreMD
Host: Chuck van Zyl

ARTIST                  TRACK                   ALBUM (label)

John Lakveet            Evanesco                Epikvs (groove)
Benge                   Adam: Age Loneliness    Meme Tunes (expanding)
Markus Guentner         Chrom                   Pop Ambient 2003 va (kompakt)
Shuttle358              Oil Click               Understanding Wildlife (mille pl
Thom Brennan            Vibrant Water           Vibrant Water
Vessel                  Balance                 Dreaming In Pairs (expanding)

Hypnosphere             Isolation Process       Within The Whirl (spheric)
Ian Boddy/Markus Reuter Binary Part One         Live At Jodrell Bank Planetarium
Vir Unis/James Johnson  Part Four               Perimeter II (pre-release)

Vidna Obmana/D Myers    Sector 10/3             Traces (pre-release)
Anomalous Disturbances  tracks 1 2 3            The Spirit Molecule
Darshan Ambient         Grace                   The Zen Master's Diary
Craig Armstrong         Pyle's Best Friend...   The Quiet American ost (sony)
Chas Smith              Absence Of Redemption   An Hour Out Of Desert Center
Sylken                  Mirage                  Illusions Of Light (atmoworks)

Thomas Koner            Uneriorschtes Gebiet B  Uneriorschtes Gebiet (die staat)
Ken Martin Through The Vortex Of Liquid Lights  Berlin Impressions vol 3
Klaus Schulze           Georg Trakl             X (magnum)

David Sylvian       The Beekeeper's Apprentice  Approaching Silence (shakti)
Michael Byron           As She Sleeps           Awakening At The Inn Of The Birds
Adham Shaikh            Orcadrift               Essence (sonic turtle)
Amongst Myselves     Dawn.Morning Of The Earth  Sacred Black (pre-release)
Robert Carty            Sounding Into Life      Sonic Magic (space for music)


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