Star's End Playlist for 04.21.96

"Star's End" 1-6AM SatNite/SunMorning  Playlist for April 21st, 1996
88.5fmWXPN Philadelphia/88.1fmWXPH Harrisburg,PA/90.5fmWKHS Worton/Baltimore,MD
Host: Chuck van Zyl

ARTIST                  TRACK                           ALBUM (Label)

Synaesthesia            Surface System                  Desiteratum (Hypnotic)
Steve B Zet  ScottysArrival.AfricanMirror.WoefulCries   When I See (Eye Q)
Bob Holroyd             A Brief Daydream. Flight        Stages
Kevin Keller            Prelude                         Intermezzo (Zebra)
Surface 10              Live Lattitude                  Ambient Time Travellers (Hypnotic)

Pure Gamma              Astral Plane                    Defective Soundscapes  V A (Defective)
Tangerine Dream         Birth of Liquid Plejades        Book of Dreams (Sequel)
Robert Rich             Calling by Stormlight           Twilight Earth 2 (Timebase)
Single Cell Orchestra   The Portal                      Dead Vent 7 (Reflective)
Temps Perdu?            Dance of the Insects            Terra Incognita (Timebase)
Divination              Ascesis                         Akhasha (Subharmonic)
Tetsu Inoue/Jonah SharpeRelay                           Electroharmonix (Fax)
Miasma                  Lupine Stare                    Em:t Explorer  V A (Instinct)

R Carlos Nakai          Spring Counsel                  Arctic Refuge  V A (Soundings of the Planet)
Ash Ra Tempel           Bois De Soleil                  Private Tapes Pre-release (Manikin)
Hiroki Okano            Moon. 1000 Wind Chimes          Rainbow Over the Gypsy Hill (Innovative Communications)
Bill Nelson             Water of Life                   Map of Dreams (Enigma)
Oystein Sevag           The Old Man                     Visual (Windham Hill)
Kit Watkins             Melrose Cavern                  Beauty Drifting (Linden)
Richard Burmer          Cabrini                         Treasures of the Saints (Miramar)
Meg Bowles              Lunar Chant                     Blue Cosmos (Kumatone)
Jeff Pearce             Aftermath                       The Hidden Rift (Ancient Sun)
Hector Zazou/Harold BuddJohnny Cake                     Glyph (Freezone)
Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan/  Nightsong                       Nightsong (Realworld)
  Michael Brook

Mstrs Of Psych Ambience Artificial Countryside          Mu (Rather Interesting)
Takami                  track 6                         Yume No Kirigishi (Belle Antique)
Exterior Mirror         Coolant                         Hupp (Katyn)
Robert Musso            Future Whispers. Wondering Star Transonic 3 (Fax)
Steve Roach             At the Edge of the In-between   Endless 2  V A (Manifold)

Yen Pox                 Absolute Zero                   Blood Music (Malignant)
Mark Tindle             Cloud Messenger                 Ritual Structures (Ancient Sun)
Raison D'etre           Ascent of the Blessed
Satori                  The Circular Valley             Invisible Rhythms (Ancient Sun)
Djen Ajakan Shean       Crows Heading for Point Break   Crows Heading for Point Break (Amplexus)
Passangers              Theme from The Swan             Soundtracks 1 (Island)
Cluster                 Es War Einmal                   Sowiesoso (Gyroscope)
C W Vrtacek             When                            Silent Heaven (Cuneiform)

D Sylvian/R Fripp       Bringing Down the Light         Bringing Down the Light (Virgin)

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