Star's End Playlist for 05.19.96


"Star's End" 1-6AM SatNite/SunMorning  Playlist for May 19th, 1996
88.5fmWXPN Philadelphia/88.1fmWXPH Harrisburg,PA/90.5fmWKHS Worton/Baltimore,MD
Host: Chuck van Zyl

ARTIST                  TRACK                           ALBUM (Label)

Richard Wahnfried       Angel Heart                     Trance Appeal (Metronome)
Datacide                So Much Light                   Flowerhead (Rather Interesting)
Alpha Wave Movement     Transcendences                  Transcendence (Harmonic Resonance)
Steve Be Zet            Diving Bell                     When I See... (Eye Q)
The Orb                 OOBE                            The Peel Sessions (Strange Fruit)
Inter-Mase              Invisible Lights                Tangerine Ambience  V A (Hypnotic)
Sunkings                Hypothalamus                    Heart of the Sun (GPR)

Steve Roach             Towards the Dream               Dreamtime Return (Fortuna)
Temps Perdu?            Terra Incognita                 Terra Incognita (Timebase)
Baked Beans             Heinz Roth Has Bean Sad         Bean Me Up, Scotty (Recycle or Die)
Satori                  Where Tears Begin               Invisible Rhythm (Ancient Sun)
Bruno Heuze             ...Angkor's Call                Twilight Earth 2 (Timebase)
Solitaire               Eclipse                         Fearless (Recycle or Die)

Synaesthesia            Tubastrea Aurea                 Desideratum (Hypnotic)
Single Cell Orchestra   Access Seraphim Flight Log      Dead Vent 7 (Reflective)
Popol Vuh               Listen He Who Ventures          Tantric Songs (Celestial Harmonies)
Raison D'etre           Dreams Essence                  Within the Depths of SIlence & Phormations (Cold Meat)
Mark Tindle             Near Earth                      Ritual Structures (Ancient Sun)
Jeff Greinke            Glacial Return                  Timbral Planes (Linden)
Pete Namlook/B Laswell  track 6                         Outland (Fax)

Nigel Charles Halfhide  Part IV: Voice and Harmonium    Movements of Mind (Jecklin)
Jorge Reyes             Improvization                   Mort Aux Vaches (Staalplaat)
Sub Dub                 19.6                            Sub Dub (Instinct)
7                       Six                             Ambient Time Travellers  V A (Hypnotic)
The Brain               Precambrian Shuffle             Ambient Time Travellers  V A (Hypnotic)
Labradford              Comfort                         A Stable Reference (Kranky)

Giles Reaves            Sowolu                          Wunjo (MCA)
Kevin Braheny/Tim Clark The Spell                       The Spell (Hearts of Space)
Meg Bowles              Slow Weave                      Blue Cosmos (Kumatone)
Kevin Keller            Intermezzo: The Space Between   Intermezzo (Zebra)
Kit Watkins             Slow Pulse                      Beauty Drifting (Linden)
Patrick O'Hearn         All Quiet Now                   Metaphor (Deep Cave)
Miasma                  Solipsis                        Miasma 1195 (Em:t)
Joaquin Lievano         Rainforest Dance                Ecologie (Miramar)
Oystein Sevag/          Here and Forever                Visual (Windham Hill)
  Lakki Patey

Tim Story               Sargasso                        Untitled (Windham Hill)

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