STAR'S END  1-6AM SatNight/SunMorning  Playlist for 22 May 2016
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Host: Chuck van Zyl

ARTIST                  TRACK                   ALBUM (label)


G Getty/S Whitlan       Greensequent            Even Higher Green (retrochet records)
Forrest Smithson        Aperture of Awareness   Reversal of Thought (self-released)
Jim Ottaway             Alpha Cruis             Southern Cross (self-released)

Vic Hennegan            Human Search            Space and Shadows (self-released)
Forrest Smithson        Seventh Circle          Reversal of Thought (self-released)
SubtractiveLAD          My Heart A Cube         Nucleus (self-released)
Fous de la Mar   For the Man Who Fell to Earth  Musiques Pour Films (elux records)
Mark Korven             William's Confession    The Witch (milan)
Comfortlevel7           Untitled                Mortal (simulacra)
K Markov                Sleep Now               After the Storm (self-released)
krill.minima            Nachtigal               Sekunden Schlaf (psychonavigation)
Hotel Neon              Deluge                  Remnants (fluid audio)
Tom Eaton               In Stillness            Abendromen (river wider records)

FSP/Pollard/Hashtronaut Time Out of Mind        Time Out of Mind (acoustic wave)
Edgar Froese            NGC 891                 Aqua (virgin)
Fripp & Eno             Swastika Girls          No Pussyfooting (eg)

Craig Padilla           Heaven Condensed        Heaven Condensed (spotted peccary)
Forrest Fang      An Alternate Ocean (excerpt)  The Sleepwalker's Ocean (projekt)

S Roach/R Logan         Mystic Drift            Second Nature (projekt)
Robert Rich             Ariel on Warm Seas      What We Left Behind (soundscape)
Steve Hillage           Four Ever Rainbow       Rainbow Dome Musick (virgin)
An Imaginal Space       Hope                    Ghosts (self-released)


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