Star's End Playlist for 06.08.97

"Star's End" 1-6AM SatNight/SunMorning  Playlist for June 8th, 1996
88.5fmWXPN Philadelphia/88.1fmWXPH Harrisburg,PA/90.5fmWKHS Worton/Baltimore,MD
Host: Chuck van Zyl

ARTIST                  TRACK                   ALBUM (label)

Vidna Obmana            Primary (Gamelan 3)     Twilight of Perception (Relic)
Trial of the Bow        Alizee                  Rite of Passage (Relapse)
Mo Boma                 Water Baka              Myths Of The Near Future 3 (Extreme)
Robert Rich/Alio Die Mycelia.DivineRadianceOfIn Fissures (Fathom)
Rapoon                  Dust of Faith           Solar VA (Soleilmoon)
A Produce               The Golden Needle       Slumberland VA (Waveform)
Robert Scott Thompson   Still Life              The Silent Shore (Oasis)
Tuu                     Stone to Sand           Mesh (Fathom)
IC1                     Noval                   Northern Circuits (Interchill)

Klangwelt               Confusion.Interference  Electric Dimensions (Hypnotic)
William Orbit           Cromer Chroma Mix       Water From A Vine EP (Virgin)
Greg Klamt              Vestigal Memories       Fluxus Quo (Spotted Peccary)
Alpha Wave Mvt          Dusk Descending         Edge of Infinity (Cue)
Meredith Monk           Offering                Volcano Songs (ECM)
Oval                    Do While                94Diskont (Thrill Jockey)
Gordon Minette          The Eden Aspect         The Eden Aspect (Poteet)
James Asher             Dance of the Light      Dance of the Light (New Earth)
Andy Pickford           Into the Blue           Works II (Medusa)
Hugh Hopper/Alan Gowen  Morning Order           Two Rainbows Daily (Cuneiform)

Jean Michel Jarre       Parts 11 & 12           Oxygene (Epic)
Phil Thornton           Tracks 1-5              Alien Encounter (New World)
Ed Arszlya              excerpt                 Imagery (Spacial Sound)

Cluster                 New York City           Live USA 1996 (Purple Pyramid)
King Chubby             Euronyme                Qedeshim (Soma Time)
Larry Kucharz           Virga                   Metachoral Visions
Lazslo Hortobagyi       Hemis-Mela              Terra Dei (Erdenklang)
Coyote Oldman           Tear of the Moon        In Beauty I Walk (Hearts of Space)

Thomas Ronkin           Open                    Within; Distance (Tristissima)
Chris Hughes            Shift (Pt II)           Shift (Fontana)
Dvorak                  Largo: New World Symph  Paradise Road ST (Sony)
Mike Oldfield           Women of Ireland        Voyager (Reprise)
Marta Sebestyan  Shores of Loch Brann.Hazafele  Kismet (Hannibal)
Liz Story               The Promise             Summer Solstice (Winham Hill)
Robert Rich             Geomancy.Amrita         Numena/Geometry (Fathom)
Trey Gunn               Yad Al-Gawza            The Third Star (Discipline)

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