STAR'S END  1-6AM SatNight/SunMorning  Playlist for 10 June 2018
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Host: Chuck van Zyl

ARTIST                  TRACK                           ALBUM (label)

AirSculpture            Convoi Exceptionel              Travelling Light (self-released)
TJ Porter               So Far Away                     Relics (self-released)
['ramp]                 tracks 1 2 3                    No Sleep 'til Wilmersdorf (doombient)
EFSS                    Macroscopic                     Tidal Shift (self-released)

The Ministry of Inside Things-The Electrical Spectacle- The Gatherings 18 November 2017 (cima of pa)
Subarachnoid Space      The Void Above                  untitled (self-released)
John Luther Adams       Sky With Four Moons             Canticles for the Holy Wind (cantaloupe)
Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith   Who I Am & Why I Am Where I Am  The Kid (western vinyl)
Max Richter             On Reflection                   Nosedive (deutsche grammophon)
Mark Seelig/Sam Rosenthal - Voices in the Water (edit)  Journey to Aktehi (projekt)
Area                    Malefactor                      Polarity (ultimae)
Pyramid Peak            Offshore                        Roots (manikin)
Datadrift               excerpt                         Live on Music with Space (self-released)

Cosmic Ground           Progeny                         Cosmic Ground IV (studio fleische)
JB(X)                   Nachbergen (Wurzburg I)         Wurzburger Trilogie (self-released)
K Markov                Mental 19 (excerpt)             Abstract (self-released)

Steve Roach             Phase Reverie                   Molecules of Motion (projekt)
Gray Acres              Portal                          Gray Acres (sound in silence)
Jeff Grienke            Mountains and Clouds            Before Sunrise (spotted peccary)
Solidarity Hymn         In Winter Snowtime              For a Wandering Beam of Sun (fluid audio)
Ben Rath                Flow of Creation                Anything is Possible (sound in silence)
DivKid                  Natural Minor Sines             Structure and Forces (DiN)
Stratosphere            Within the Unintended           Collaborations I (industry8)
David Newlyn            Hymn to Bleachgreen             Collected Fictions (sound in silence)

Klaus Schulze           Der Lange Blick Zuruck          Silhouettes (oblivion/spv)
Erik Wollo              Mosaic of Time IV               Threshold Point (projekt)
In the Branches/Bluetech - Where We Begin               Behind the Sky (self-released)
Jarguna                 Tricks in the Clouds            Pareidolia (projekt)
Pete Barnhart/George Wallace - State Change             Lamina (airborn music)


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