Star's End Playlist for 07.06.97

"Star's End" 1-6AM SatNight/SunMorning  Playlist for July 6th, 1996
88.5fmWXPN Philadelphia/88.1fmWXPH Harrisburg,PA/90.5fmWKHS Worton/Baltimore,MD
Host: Chuck van Zyl  *Five American Artists*

ARTIST                  TRACK                   ALBUM (label)

Kit Watkins             Nairam                  Azure (IC)
Kit Watkins             Canopy                  SunStruck (IC)
Kit Watkins             Chopin: Prelude         A Different View (Linden)
Kit Watkins             Tone 6 (excerpt)        Thought Tones 2 (Linden)
Kit Watkins             SongOfSpring.SnakeDance Circle (Linden)
Kit Watkins             Beyond Clouds           Kinetic Vapors (Linden)
Kit Watkins             Lost Cave               Holographic Tapestries (Linden)
Kit Watkins             Snow in Summer          Beauty Drifting (Linden)

Steve Roach             Arrival                 Empetus (Fortuna)
Steve Roach             Mysteries Continue      Now/Traveler (Fortuna)
Steve Roach             The Breathing Stone     Western Spaces (IC)
Steve Roach             Flatlands               Desert Solitaire (Fortuna)
Steve Roach             World's Edge            World's Edge (Fortuna)
Steve Roach  Songline.AirtribeMeetsDreamGhost   Dreamtime Return (Fortuna)
Steve Roach  ClayWoodBoneDirt.InEyesOfSpirit    Origins (Fortuna)
Steve Roach             Temple Of The Frog      Artifacts (Fortina)

Robert Rich         The Other Side Of Twilight  Numena (Badlands)
Robert Rich             Nesting Ground          Geometry (Spalax)
Robert Rich             Mbira                   Rainforest (Hearts of Space)
Robert Rich             Tracery                 Gaudi (Hearts of Space)
Robert Rich             Terraced Fields         Propagation (Hearts of Space)
Robert Rich             Calling by Stormlight   A Troubled Resting Place (Fathom)
Robert Rich             Requiem                 Soundscape Gallery (Lektronic Soundscapes)

Jeff Greinke          RegionsRenderedBattered   Over Ruins (Raum)
Jeff Greinke            Glacial Return          Timbral Plains (Linden)
Jeff Greinke            Moon Over Mas           Changing Skies (Multimood)
Jeff Greinke/Rob Angus  Mza                     Crossing Ngoli (Ear Rational)
Jeff Greinke            Falling Away            Lost Terrain (Silent)
Jeff Greinke            In Another Place        In Another Place (Linden)
Jeff Greinke            Brastagi Night          Big Weather (Linden)
Jeff Greinke            First Climb             Arcana Coelestia VA (Multimood)
Jeff Greinke            Ancestral Horizon       Twilight Earth VA (Timebase)
Jeff Greinke            In Another Room         AZoyd/Deane/Greinke(Earational)
Jeff Greinke            Winter Light            Promises of Silence VA (Projekt)

Harold Budd/Brian Eno   Not Yet Rembered        The Plateau of Mirror (EG)
Harold Budd             Afar                    The Serpent (EG)
Harold Budd             Memory Gongs            The Moon and the Melodies (4AD)
Harold Budd             ValsePourLeFinDuTemps   Lovely Thunder (EG)
Harold Budd             BalthusBemusedByColor   The White Arcades (Opal)
Harold Budd           ThePhotoOfSantiagoMcKinn  By the Dawn's Early Light (Opal)
HBudd/RGarcia/DLentz    LaMuchachaDeLosSuenos   Music For 3 Pianos (Gyroscope)
AndyPartridge/HBudd     MissingPiecesOfTheGame  Through the Hill (Gryroscope)
H Budd/Hectro Zazou     YouAndMeAgainstTheSky   Glyph (Freezone)
Harold Budd             Agua                    Agua (Sine)
Harold Budd             Steven Brown            Luxa (Gyroscope)


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