STAR'S END  1-6AM SatNight/SunMorning  Playlist for 7 July 2013
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Host: Chuck van Zyl

ARTIST                  TRACK                   ALBUM (label)

Keith Kenniff           Flow & Branch           Branches (village green)
Janne Hanhisuanto       Dance of Electrons      Quiet Places (self-released)
Ian Boddy/Erik Wollo    Shelter                 Frontiers (DiN)
Broekhuis Keller & Schonwalder - Red Two        Red (manikin)
John Lyell              Pulse of Density        Eternity (self-released)
Robert Davies           Quintessence            The Alchemy of Nature (dataObscura)
Northern Valentine      Fin de Siecle           Fin de Siecle (silber)

T Reznor/A Ross         Pinned and Mounted      The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo (null)
Lisa Gerrard            A Kingdom Now Forgotten Departum (gerrard records)
John Foxx/Theo Travis   Skyscraper Skylight     Torn Sunset (edsel)
Solar Fields            tracks 1 2 3 4          Until We Meet the Sky (ultimae)
'ramp                   122112.Astral Disaster  Return (doombient)
Ian Boddy               Return Vector           Strange Attractors (DiN/DDL)

Craig Padilla           Midnight Encounter      The Heart of the Soul (spotted peccary)
Eucalyptus Dream        Morning Mantra          Process of Illumination (moon cycle)
The Winterhouse         A Winter Symphony       Winter Gardens (dataObscura)
Jack Hertz              Tomorrow                Time (free floating music)
Carl Weingarten         The Ship The Dream      Panomorphia (multiphase)

Nothing But Noise       Marcel Proust (VLEGM)   Not Bleeding Red (future noise music)
Ian Boddy               excerpt                 After the Rain (DiN/DDL)
Motion Sickness of Time Travel - The Dream      Motion Sickness of Time Travel (spectrum spools)
Onewayness              Blue Star Return        Blue Star is Freezing (onomastic)
Steve Dinsdale          A Galaxy of Dust        The Vast Key (northern echo)

Erik Wollo              Lost and Found          Airborne (projekt)
Michael Stearns         Dump/Igen               Samsara (varese sarabande)
S Roach/D Serries       Here                    Low Volume Music (projekt)
Janne Hanhisuanto       Part 6                  Light and Shadow (self-released)
K Leimer       How Sharp and Clear the Warning  Permissions (palace of lights)
Marvin Ayers            Lament                  Harmogram Suite (burning shed)
Ludovico Einaudi        Solo                    Islands (decca)
Steve Roach             Where Rasa Lives        Back to Life (projekt)
Groupthink              Absolute Doubt          Of Microscopic Origins (periphery)


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