STAR'S END  1-6AM SatNight/SunMorning  Playlist for 26 July 2020
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Host: Chuck van Zyl

ARTIST                  TRACK                           ALBUM (label)

Rene de Bakker		The Uncertain Path		The Uncertain Path (groove unlimited)
Ian Boddy		Defining the Instant		Modulations (DiN/DDL)
Porya Hatami	   Restless (Tomotsugu Nakamura remix)	Kani + Remixes (dronarivm)

Howard Givens/Craig Padilla - Leaving Behind the Now	The Bohdi Mantra (spotted peccary)
Scanner		  Your Eyes Are the Eyes of the People  An Ascent (DiN)
Erik Wollo		excerpt				Silent Currents 4 (projekt)

Daniel & Booth		Incident at Serenity (excerpt)	Inverse (eco)
Skoulaman		Shades of Oceanblue		Deepminds (self-released)
Nimanty			Galaxies Reborn			Galaxies Reborn (venonza)
Ancient Astronaut	Awakening of Memories		Spheres of Love (self-released)
Isostatic		Crystals of Ice			Cloud Forms (exosphere)
Volker Lankow		Valprot				Granulierte Gegend (self-released)
Halftribe		Subliminal			Archipelago (sound in silence)
Drifting in Silence	1111				Away (labile records)

fluXus			Moonlit Dust			Circle Homeward (self-released)
Paul Ellis	       Misty Light of a Forest at Dawn	Rainforest and Pavement (groove unlimited)
Michael Stearns		Dimensional Shift		Encounter (hearts of space)
Steve Roach		In Present Space		A Soul Ascends (projekt)
Chris Russell		Sea of Clouds			Elliptical (exosphere)

subtractiveLAD		White Sand			The Middle of Nowhere (self-released)
Jesper Pedersen		Rain				Three by 5 (self-released)
Charles Lloyd		Homage to the Universe		Big Sur Tapestry (pacific arts)


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