STAR'S END  1-6AM SatNight/SunMorning  Playlist for 3 August 2014
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Host: Chuck van Zyl

ARTIST                  TRACK                   ALBUM (label)

Moebius/Story/Leidecker Flathead                Snowghost Pieces (bureau b)
Brian Reitzell          Honeycomb               Auto Music (smalltown supersound)
Plastikman              EXpand                  EX (m_nus/mute)
Kodomo                  Orange Ocean            Patterns & Light (self-released)
Daniel McDermott        She                     The Lullaby Wars (psychonavigation)
Nima Fakhrara           Wake Up                 The Signal (varese sarabande)
Richard Reed Parry - Freeform Winds/String Drones - Music for Heart and Breath (deutsche grammophon)
Keaton Henson           Nearly Curtains         Romantic Works (oak ten)
Christopher Bono - The Dawning Space of Azure Light - Bardo (our silent canvas)
Dan Pound               Finding Beauty          Eros Thanatos (self-released)
onewayness/dRachEmUisk  Mudita                  Immeasurable (onomastic/mcsd)
Phillip Wilkerson       There You Are           Highlands Outtakes (self-released)

The Nightcrawlers       Spacewalk               Traveling Backwards (manikin)
Ashra                   Nightdust               New Age of Earth (virgin)
Cosmic Hoffmann         Opera Mellotronique     Space Gems (h+m)

FSP/Pollard/Hashtronaut Time Out of Mind (exc)  Time Out of Mind (acoustic wave)
Redshift                Turning Towards Us      Turning Towards Us (distant sun)
Free System Projekt     Part B                  Procyon (self-released)
Steve Dinsdale          New Church 1            New Church (northern echo)
Anomalous Disturbances  Segue to Heaven         Archive Two (disappearing music)

Steve Roach             The Well Spring         The Delicate Forever (projekt)
Hollan Holmes     Scattered Across the Heavens  The Spirits of Starlight (self-released)
Oliver Lieb             tracks 5 6 7            Inside Voices (psychonavigation)
Aya Nishina             Cheiko                  Flora (tzadik)

Chronotope Project      Dharma Rain             Dharma Rain (self-released)
Rudy Adrian             The Temple on an Island Atmospheres (spotted peccary)
Simon Lomax             At First Sight          A Glimmer of Memory (self-released)
Paul Ellis              Space                   Breathing Space (self-released)


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