STAR'S END  1-6AM SatNight/SunMorning  Playlist for 12 August 2012
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Host: Chuck van Zyl

ARTIST                  TRACK                   ALBUM (label)

Erik Wollo              The Drift               Airborne (projekt)
Keith Kenniff           Many Things             Branches (village green)
Bryan Carrigan          Kayak                   Focus (self-released)
Robert Rich             Moth Wings              Echo Location (echodisc)
S Roach/D Serries       Here                    Low Volume Music (projekt)
Sync24                  Comfortable Void        Comfortable Void (ultimae)
Dave Luxton             Upward Spiral           Singularity in Sound (wayfarer)
Wave World              Nanowasp DNA.Revelation Hieroglyphs (vfr)

Thom Brennan            Part One                Beneath Clouds (arya)
Michael Stearns         Mvt 4 5 6               Planetary Unfolding (sonic atmospheres)
loscil                  Rye Fields              Lost in the Humming Air (oktaf)

Spyra                   Mentalized (preloaded)  Meditationen (manikin)
Michael Hoenig          Hanging Garden Transfer Departure From the Northern Wasteland (kuckuck)
Thomas Fanger           Vanilla Crush           Parlezvous Electronique? (manikin)

Nothing But Noise       Marcel Proust (VLEGM)   Not Bleeding Red (future noise music)
Ian Boddy               excerpt                 After the Rain (DiN/DDL)
Motion Sickness of Time Travel - The Dream      Motion Sickness of Time Travel (spectrum spools)
Onewayness              Blue Star Return        Blue Star is Freezing (onomastic)
Steve Dinsdale          A Galaxy of Dust        The Vast Key (northern echo)

Juta Takahashi          Bright Waters           Angel (lunisolar)
Marsen Jules            Oellient en Delta       Les Fleurs (city centre offices)
Craig Padilla           Angel in My Eyes        The Heart of the Soul (spotted peccary)
Dead Can Dance The Writing on My Father's Hand  The Serpent's Egg (4ad)
The Winterhouse         Solitude                Winter Gardens (dataObscura)


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