Woodstock 50thWoodstock - As It Happened - 50 Years On - WXPN Special Programming

To commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Woodstock: An Aquarian Exposition WXPN will broadcast Woodstock - As It Happened - 50 Years On, a radio exclusive that features the complete archived audio of the festival, including all music and stage announcements. Over three days WXPN will air newly reconstructed audio documents of each of the 32 performances in as close to real time as possible. From Thursday 15 August at 5:07PM continuously through to the late morning of Sunday 18 August 2019, listeners will be able to tune in and hear all of the performances much like they sounded back in 1969 during this historic weekend.

Please note that the broadcast of Woodstock - As It Happened - 50 Years On will preempt nearly all of WXPN's weekend programming, including the 08.18.19 edition of STAR'S END Ambient Radio. Please rejoin STAR'S END on 08.25.19. Thank You.

For more on WXPN's airing of Woodstock - As It Happened - 50 Years On, please read Sarah Hojsak's informative article at The Key

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Beginning with the 10.07.18 edition, an archived stream of each broadcast of STAR'S END will be available through the WXPN website. To listen anytime, please access: tinyurl.com/starsendarchive

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