STAR'S END  1-6AM SatNight/SunMorning  Playlist for 2 September 2012
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Host: Chuck van Zyl

ARTIST                  TRACK                   ALBUM (label)

Kusseldorf              First Blood             From Soil to Space (aleph zero)
David Wright         Sea of Dreams Pts 2 3 4 5  Deeper (ad music)
Terje Rypdal            Adagio                  Odyssey (ecm)
Michael Stearns         Villages and Freeways   Samsara (varese sarabande)

Dieter Ettlinger        AI: One                 Ambient Intelligence
Bruno Sanfilippo        Chaotic Order           Urbs (hypnos)

Steve Roach             Destination Horizon     Life Sequence (timeroom)
Sync24                  Comfortable Void        Comfortable Void (ultimae)
'ramp       Track for Michael Hoenig (excerpt)  Manikin Records Second Decade (manikin)
Edgar Froese            Aqua                    Aqua (virgin)

Nothing But Noise       Mass                    Not Bleeding Red (future noise music)
Ian Boddy               After the Rain          After the Rain (DiN/DDL)

Vic Hennegan            Patagonia Rain          Echo Location (echodisc)
Marconi Union           Time Lapse              Different Colours (just music)
Erik Wollo              North of the Mountains  Airborne (projekt)
Deaf Center             Plateaux                Lost in the Humming Air (oktaf)
Janne Hanhisuanto       Part 1                  Light and Shadow (self-released)
Dave Luxton             Upon the Deep           Singularity in Sound (wayfarer)
Craig Padilla           Angel in My Eyes        The Heart of the Soul (spotted peccary)
Steve Halpern           Part 1                  Deep Alpha (inner peace music)
Ishq                    Kong                    And Awake (interchill)


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