STAR'S END  1-6AM SatNight/SunMorning  Playlist for 15 September 2019
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Host: Chuck van Zyl

ARTIST                  TRACK                           ALBUM (label)

Steve Roach		Bloom Ascension			Bloom Ascension (projekt)
Arjen Schat		Morrata				June (self released)
GROBEK			Tadpole				GROBEK I (self-released)
Bernhard Wostheinrich w/Ombient - Live at St Mary's Church 2019 Pt 1 - Live at The Gatherings 2019 (iapetus)

Bluetech		Vessels				Liquid Geometries in Dub (liquid sound design)
Twilight Archive	Obscure Currents		Drift Factor (self-released)
Fourth Dimension	Halo (Remix)			Ubique (exosphere)
Cliff Martinez		Jesus and the Snake		Too Old to Die Young (milan)
Squrl			Replacement Sky			The Dead Don't Die (back lot music)
Jogging House		Balance				Lure (seil records)
Sonogram		Lens Flair			Interiors (simulacra records)
Sofie Birch		Reverie				Planetes (seil records)
Halftribe		Off Kilter			Backwater Revisited (dronarivm)
subtractiveLAD		Cupola				Parabola (self-released)
Andrew Tasselmyer/Patrick Spatz - Number 4		Interior Currents (constellation tastu)

Chuck van Zyl - From the Shade of the Recent Dead She Comes Pt 1 - Recitals 2 (synkronos music)
Tangerine Dream		Phaedra Out-Take version 2A	In Search of Hades - The Virgin Years 1973-1979 (virgin/umc)

Awenson			Galactic Humanity		Hope (groove unlimited)
Tom Moore/Sherry Finzer	Shadow of the Moon		A Journey for Mankind (heartdance records)
Matthias Grassow/Michael Bruckner - The Waiting Hour	Polar Vortex (databloem)
Tim Hecker		That World			Anoyo (kranky)
Daniel Wohl		Orbit				Etat (nonesuch)
Rabbia			Styx				Lost River (ecm records)
Peter James		Yet to Be Forgotten		Senessence (aatma)
Dronal			On the Edge of Mourning		Interval Motion (supple 9)
Joep Breving		Noumenon			Henosis (deutsche grammophon)
Rene de Bakker		Final Farewell			Our Gift (groove unlimited)
Eluvium			Soliloquy & Aside		Pianoworks (temporary residence)

Jeff Pearce	     The Stars Above My Childhood Home  Skies and Stars (self-released)
Thom Brennan		Part Four			Soundgardens (tmb soundworks)
Kelly David		Meditation in Green		Meditation in Green (spotted peccary)
Forrest Smithson	The Resting Wheel		The Healer's Way (self-released)


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