Star's End Playlist for 09.15.96

"Star's End" 1-6AM Sat Nite/Sun Morning Playlist for September 15th, 1996
88.5fm WXPN Philadelphia/ 88.1fm WXPH Harrisburg,PA/ 90.5fm WKHS Worton/Baltimore,MD
Guest Host: Jeff Towne
Artist		Track			Recording
1-2 AM
Ben Neill	Dream Phase		Triptycal (Antilles)
David Friedman	Sailboat Oblivion	Moonrise (Friedman)
Pete Namlook/	Morning Spirit		2350 Broadway (Fax)
 Tetsu Inoue
David Helpling	Loss of Words		Between Green and Blue 
					(Spotted Peccary)
Solitaire	Awakening		Fearless 
					(Recycle or Die)
Peter Gabriel	Slow Marimbas		Birdy (Geffen)
Paul Haslinger	Dismissal of the	World Without Rules
		Hemispheres	 	(RGB)	
Robert Rich	Sagrada Familia		Gaudi (Hearts of Space)

2-3 AM
Ben Neill	Chemistry of 7		Triptycal (Antilles)
Sanjiva		ThatIsThe Journey	The Journey (96 sounds)
Baked Beans	James Bean		Bean Me Up, Scotty 
					(Recycle or Die)
Single Cell	Kudowbuz		Single Cell Orchestra 
 Orchestra					(Asphodel)
Ring		Interlude:		Soul to the Pleasure
		Memory's Stretch	(City of Tribes)
Datacide	SixtiesOutOf Tune	Flowerhead (Asphodel)
Double-Muffled 	Alphapulse		Boredom is Deep and                                                   	
Dolphin					Mysterious [collection]

3-4 AM
Ben Neill	After the Goldrush	Triptycal (Antilles)
Olga Kharititi/	Heartbeat		Entering the Circle 
 Jim Wilson					(Triloka)
Paul Schutze	Tears			The Surgery of Touch 
Todd Fletcher	Wind Circle		Star (Arya)
Jeff Pearce	Rainclouds		The Hidden Rift 
					(Ancient Sun)

4-5 AM
Stevie Be Zet	Harmonix		Archaic Modulation
					(Recycle or Die)
A Small Good	Someplace South		Slim Westerns 
Thing 	 	of Here	(Solielmoon) 
Laurel MacDonald Yet So Beautiful	Kiss Closed My Eyes (Improbable)
Thomas Koner	Aubrite			Aubrite (Barooni)
Nusrat Fateh Ali	The Passion/	Bandit Queen (Milan)
Khan/Roger White	Chottie See
Paul Haslinger	Asian Blue		World Without Rules (RGB)
Arvo Part	Litany			Litany (ECM)	
5-6 AM
Channel Light 	The Offering		Excellent Spirits 
 Vessel					(Gyroscope)
Sheila Chandra	pt.3			ABoneCroneDrone 
						(Real World) 
Andrew Lagowski/	Rain 		Statics [collection] 
 Toru Yamanaka				(CCI)
Hans Christian	Matritimah		Surrender (Allemande)
Jonn Serrie	Gentle the Night	And the Stars Go 
					With You (Miramar)
Nawang Khechog	Peace in the 		Sounds of Peace (Domo)
Eleni Karaindrou Ulysses' Theme		Ulysses' Gaze (ECM)
Pauline Oliveros	Lear		Deep Listening (New Albion)

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