STAR'S END  1-6AM SatNight/SunMorning  Playlist for 29 September 2019
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Host: Chuck van Zyl

ARTIST                  TRACK                           ALBUM (label)

Arjen Schat		Morrota				June (self released)
Ian Boddy		Altair Redux			Altair Redux (DiN)
Tangerine Dream		Organ Piece			In Search of Hades - The Virgin Years 1973-1979 (virgin/umc)
K Markov		Inner Alchemy			Interactivity (exosphere)
Steve Roach		Bloom Ascension			Bloom Ascension (projekt)

Redshift		Broken World			Redshift Wild 3 (distant sun)
Chuck van Zyl		Ars Moriendi			Rituals (synkronos music)
Olan Mill	       Fractals and Recursive Geometry  Sacred Geometry (dronarivm)

Robert Scott Thompson	Green Flash and the Dryline...	Green Flash and the Dryline Chaser (aucourant records)
Djam Karet		Night Falls			A Sky Full of Stars For a Roof (hc productions)
Richmond/Grenader w/Roach - Ooda Loop			POV (zsr records)
Futuregrapher & Eric 'the' Taylor - Triggered		Effects of Clouds (neotantra)
Jack Hertz		Sea of Tranquility		Back to the Moon 1 (aural films)
Forrest Smithson	Trans-lucid			A Right Use of Will (self-released)
Palancar		Meltwater			The Unity (aatma)
Tonal Assembly		Fragility			Lost and Found in Imaginary Landscapes (groove unlimited)
Tim Walters		Don't Forget to Breathe		Fission Cuisine (aural films)

Line Spectrum		Fabric Merge			Bruma (glacial movements)
The Orb  Back Side of the Moon.Spanish Castles in Space	The Orb's Adventures Beyond the Ultraworld Deluxe Edition (umc/island)
Jeff Pearce	     The Skies Above My Childhood Home  Skies and Stars (self-released)

Tapes and Topographies	Time Alone in People's Park	Ubiquitous Clouds (simulacra records)
Nathan Spier		Searching for Nepsis		Searching for Nepsis (peptic music)
Roedelius/Matthes	GB 21				Curious Collaborators (curious music)
Dan Pound		tracks 3 4 5			The Healing (self-released)
Roedelius/Story		Casual				Lunz 3 (curious music)


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