STAR'S END  1-6AM SatNight/SunMorning  Playlist for 13 October 2019
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Host: Chuck van Zyl

ARTIST                  TRACK                           ALBUM (label)

The Soviet Space Dog Project - Plus Three Degrees	AEther Waves vol 1 (aether waves)
The Nightcrawlers	Tanzwut				Traveling Backwards (manikin)
Orbital Decay		Terminal Velocity		Solar Maxima (self-released)
Redshift		Blueshift			Redshift (distant sun)

Pillion			Enigmas				Enigmas (groove unlimited)
Klaus Schulze		Velvet Voyage			Mirage (magnum)

K Markov		Mind Control			Interactivity (exosphere)
Bart Hawkins		Dream Meditation Part 2		21 Pulse Eclipse (spotted peccary)
Dan Pound		Prayer				The Healing (self-released)
Tangerine Dream		Organ Piece			In Search of Hades - The Virgin Years 1973-1979 (virgin/umc)
Hugar			Oroi				Varda (masterworks)
Tapes and Topographies	By Amsterdam Station I Sat...	Ubiquitous Clouds (simulacra records)
Redshift		Berserker			Cosines and Tangents (DiN)
Bluetech		The End is In the Beginning	Holotrope (behind the sky music)
Wil Bolton		Nets				Kochi (audiobulb)

Karma Moffett		excerpt				Golden Bowls of Compassion (self-released)
Kelly David		Plain of Reeds			Meditation in Green (spotted peccary)
David Parsons		Abode of Shiva			Yatra (celestial harmonies)

Netherworld		Vulpes Iagopus			Algida Bellezza (glacial movements)
Paul Dresher		Liquid and Stellar Music	This Same Temple (new albion)
Robert Rich/Alio Die	tracks 1 2 3			Fissures (fathom)
George Wallace		Having Emptied the Cup		The Exquisite Now (airborn music)


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