Star's End Playlist for 10.20.96


"Star's End" 1-6AM SatNite/SunMorning  Playlist for October 20th, 1996
88.5fmWXPN Philadelphia/88.1fmWXPH Harrisburg,PA/90.5fmWKHS Worton/Baltimore,MD
Host: Chuck van Zyl

ARTIST                   TRACK                              ALBUM (Label)

Lobe                     Placebo                            Lobe (Swim)
Human Mesh Dance         Rotating Mirror                    Distributed Shared Memory (Mindspore)
Jan Hanford              Dancing                            Vespers (AD Music)
Pure Gamma               Diffusion                          Electronic Music Project  V.A. (n/l)
Dweller At The Threshold No Boundary Condition              No Boundary Condition (Eurock)
Klaus Schulze            Voices in the Dark II (Chill Mix)  Are You Sequenced (Eye Of The Storm)
Ben Neill                Chemistry of Seven                 Tryptical (Antilles)

Robert Rich              Night Sky Replies                  A Troubled Resting Place (Fathom)
Lustmord                 Deep Calls to Deep                 Deep Net (Side Effects)
Roach Kent Newby         Calyx Revalation.Kingfisher Flight Halcyon Days (Fathom)
Pablo's Eye              Cipher NY Mix                      Prepare For Others To Follow (Swim)

P Namlook/T Inoue        Rich Dreams                        2350 Broadway 3 (Fax)
A Produce                The Golden Needle                  Inscape+Landscape (Transport)
Paul Haslinger           Dismissal Of The Hemisphere        World Without Rules (RGB)
Brian Gingrich           Heavenly Reception                 The White Rim Of Heaven (Alchemy)
Dr Atmo/Ramin            Khorasan                           Sad World 3 (Fax)
Locust                   DSP mix                            No One In The World (Apollo)
Dogon                    Feathers                           Notdunjusta (New Dog)

E.A.R.                   As The Night Closes In             Phenomena 256 (Spaceage)
Lightwave                In Der Underwelt                   In Der Underwelt (Plans Sonores)
Ken Field                Sympathetic Magic                  Subterranea (OO Discs)
S.E.T.I.                 Fragment.05 - .08/First Fragment   Ciphers (instinct)

Datacide                 Deep Chair                         Flowerhead (Asphodel)
David Berhmann           On the Other Ocean                 On The Other Ocean (Lovely)
Harold Budd         Sidelong Glance From My Round Nefertiti Luxa (Gyroscope)
Tim Story                A Thousand Whispers                Abridged (Hearts Of Space)
Vidna Obmana         Angelic Appearance.Ephemeral Vision    River Of Appearance (Projekt)


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