Star's End Playlist for 12.01.96

"Star's End" 1-6AM SatNight/SunMorning  Playlist for December 1st, 1996
88.5fm WXPN Philadelphia, 88.1fm WXPH Harrisburg, 90.5fm WKHS Worton/Baltimore,MD
Guest Host: Jeff Towne

ARTIST              TRACK               ALBUM (Label)
Kevin Bartlett      Argh'n Flargh'n     Aural Gratification vol2
                                        (Aural Gratification)
****Live Phone Interview/Concert Preview with Kevin Bartlett****
Kevin Bartlett      The Other Guy       Unreleased DAT
Pete Namlook        Inauguration        Air 3 (Fax)
Om                  Human Love          Instant Enlightenment (CS)
Ben Neill           Dream Phase         Triptycal (Antilles)

Kevin Bartlett      Through the Gate    Spatial Thanx (unreleased)
Adham Shaikh/       Warm Fuzzys         Drift (Instinct)
 Tim Floyd
Higher Intellegence Snapshot Survey     Polar Sequences (Beyond)
Electronic Eye      Black Star          The Idea of Justice (CS)
Sun Electric        Lone Sloane         aaah! (R&S)
Tonto's Expanding   Riversong           Tonto Rides Again (Viceroy)
Dogon               Feathers            Notdunjusta (New Dog)

Kevin Bartlett      Death of an E-Bow   Spatial Thanx (unreleased)
A Produce           The Golden Needle   Inscape & Landscape (Trance Port)
Buddhastick         Red Incense         Transparent (ShaRiRa)
Harry Bertoia       Near and Far        Sonambient (Bertoia Studios)
Loren Nerell        Hiasan              Lilin Dewa (Side Effects)

Ian Boddy           Alpha pts 3-6       Continuum (Something Else)
The Sunken Road     Road 3              Road 1-7 (Y.T.)
Steve Roach         A Circular Ceremony Dreamtime Return (Fortuna)

Ruben Garcia        Eleven Moons        Room Full of Easels (Close Tolerance)
Kevin Keller        BeneathThePendulum  The Echoes Living Room Concerts vol.2
Jordan De La Sierra Song of the Rose    Origins:The Early Years of New Age
												(Narada compilation)												
Hans Christian      Shades of Blue      Surrender (Allemande)


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