STAR'S END  1-6AM SatNight/SunMorning  Playlist for 15 December 2019
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Host: Chuck van Zyl

ARTIST                  TRACK                           ALBUM (label)

Remote Vision		Survey Pilot			The Outer Plateau (exosphere)
Forrest Fang		Winds of Betelgeuse		Ancient Machines (projekt)
Cosmic Ground		Compact/Space			Cosmic Ground 5 (studio fleisch)
Radio Massacre Int'l	Second Set (excerpt)		M21 (northern echo)

Steve Roach		tracks 3 4 5			Trance Archeology (projekt)
David Parsons		Ajna				Chakra (gterma)
Paul Ellis		Part 7				Interstellar Nataraja (groove unlimited)
Snufmumriko		Jordeliv 			Sekunder, eoner (dronarivm)

Ian Boddy		Altair				Altair (DiN)
Bluetech		Bardo Waves			Liquid Geometry (DiN)
Robert Rich/Ian Boddy	React				React (DiN)
Radio Massacre Int'l	Seven Sceptres for Sephulcrave	Septentrional (DiN)
Arc			Veil				Church (DiN)
Ian Boddy/Markus Reuter	Colour Division			Colour Division (DiN)
Erik Wollo/Bernhard Wostheinrich - Polaris		Arcadia Borealis (DiN)

Lightwave		Just Another Dream		Nachtmusik (erdneklang)
Klaus Schulze		Dune				Dune (brain)

Rudy Adrian		Under a Sheltering Tree		Woodlands (spotted peccary)
Slow Meadow	    We Can Only Love Through Suffering  Happy Occident (hammock music)
Motionfield		Visions				A Clear Horizon (txt recordings)
Hammock			Fascinans			Silencia (hammock music)
David Helpling		Glass				Rune (spotted peccary)
Skoulaman		Fluxes in Philadelphia		Fluxes in Philadelphia (groove unlimited)
Pulse Emitter		Winds				Calming Winds (muzan editions)


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