STAR'S END  1-6AM SatNight/SunMorning  Playlist for 29 December 2002
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Host: Chuck van Zyl

* 2002 in Review - Part 1 *

ARTIST                  TRACK                   ALBUM (label)

Ian Boddy               Ecliptic                Aurora (DiN)
Rudy Adrian            Mars - The Rusted World  Starfields (groove)
Moodswings              Storm In A Teacup       Horizontal (water music)
M Griffin/D Fulton      Neuralnet               Imprint (hypnos)
M Coldrick           Crown Violet Selfnessness  Music For A Busy Head (absolute ambient)

Jonathan Hughes         Isflaks                 Ambient@Hyperreal.02 (aquafm)
Free System Projekt     Proteus                 Atmospheric Conditions (quantum)
Ishq                    Bhakti                  Orchid (interchill)
Darshan Ambient         The Nightwatchman       Selected Works vol 3
Numina                  When The Stars Fall     Solace
Alpha Wave Movement     Mapping The Heavens     A Distant Signal (harmonic resonance)
J Lyeil/B A Reiland     Dreams Of The Solstice  Synthetic Universe

The Circular Ruins  The Remains Of Summer Pt 2  Confluence (in the bubble)
Loess                   Maple Hill              Loess (nonresponse)
Loscil                  Triton                  Submers (kranky)
Richard Bone            In Japa                 Disorient (quirkworks)
Rick Cox              All The While Towards Us  Maria Falling Away (cold blue)
WackenagelMuellerFeldbauer  Blickling Hall      City
Jeff Greinke            One September           Wide View (hypnos)
Michael Jon Fink        I Hear It In The Rain   I Hear It In The Rain (cold blue
Kelly David             Buka Passage            Broken Voyage (rocky mountain)
Martin Klampt Rownd     Taos                    Convergence (spotted peccary)

Keith Fullerton Whitman track3a(2waynice)       Playthroughs (kranky)
Kwook                   Kwooky World            Collection 1 Opening (databloem)
Antonio Testa/Alio Die  Prayer For The Forest   Prayer For The Forest (green house)
Ingram Marshall         Dark Waters             Dark Waters (new albion)
Craig Padilla           excerpt                 Vostock (spotted peccary)

Robert Rich/Ian Boddy   State Of Flux           Outpost (DiN)
Donnacha Costello       Your New God            Together Is The New Alone (mille plateaux)
R Heil/J Klimek         Diner                   One Hour Photo ost (superb)
Scott Petito        Beautifully Fearfully Made  Sbass Music (hudson valley)
Pan American            Place Names             The River Made No Sound (kranky)
Neil Sparkes            Miramar                 Flotation va (interchill)
Stephan Micus           Morning Breeze          Towards The Wind (ecm)
John Cage               In A Landscape          Der Bote - Alexei Lubimov (ecm)
David Parsons           Abhisekha               Maitreya (celestial harmonies)
Jim Cole                A Wishing Thing         Godspace (spectral spiral)
Tom Heasley             Thonis (excerpt)       On The Sensations Of Tone (innova)


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