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Tim Motzer

Tim Motzer - Live on STAR'S END 11.03.13 - Back in Time 2013 Radio Event

Guitarist Tim Motzer has carved out a prominent place in the Philadelphia music scene in ensembles and as a solo artist, ranging from straight-up funk to atmospheric dance accompaniment and Spacemusic soundscapes. Experiencing his many projects we hear a common thread or voice. A rhythmic feel runs through playing he describes as a "Philly Soul-Funk Thing", tinted by a certain grittiness that captures the life force, struggle, and fight that is ever-present within the City of Brotherly Love.

Tim Motzer Another identifiable component of Motzer's music is that of the ethereal - which presents itself through the use of sustain and looping effects, E-Bow and cavernous reverberation. But Motzer shows no concern over his diverse musical identity. Going with the flow of each playing situation his goal is to just enjoy the immersive, constant challange each project represents. Pursuing so many different paths keeps wide open the number of projects he is available for and has participated in. Yet with so many growth experiences to his credit Motzer points out that creating textural/atmospheric music is always the least limiting. His purpose here is to evolve the genre (and the listener) from a zone of no thought - where ideas are flowing through.

Tim Motzer's album Live From Star's End is loaded with lush layered guitar orchestrations that may not have been thought out completely ahead of time, but were certainly thought about deeply. Like a benevolent spell that refuses to break this hour long set is a work the listener visits, not merely listens to. From wild color and barely controlled chaos, where its sheer strangeness sustains our curiosity, to an odd sonic emptiness Motzer plays lithe and liquid solos with breathtaking ease - and provides productive slumber for the listener and audio radiance for the radio audience. Part of the now legendary 3 November 2013 all live music broadcast of STAR'S END Ambient Radio Motzer's set seems to be more about shaping form than about the playing of ordered notes. (Read Full Review)

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