1995 in Review

A Produce                                       White Sands                             Trance Port
Wolfgang Bock                                   Biscaya Sunset                          Sky
Brain Laughter II                               Not Far From a Distant Sun              Spotted Peccary
Kevin Braheny/Tim Clark                         Rain                                    Hearts of Space
Robert Carty                                    Skyhearts                               n/l
Sheila Chandra                                  Roots and Wings                         Caroline
Mychael Danna/Tim Clemment                      North of Niagra                         Hearts of Space
The Deep Listening Band                         Sanctuary                               Mode
Constance Demby                                 Aeterna                                 Hearts of Space
Mark Dwane                                      Paradigm Shift                          Trondant
Dean Evenson                                    Ascension                               Soundings of the Planet
Forrest Fang                                    Folklore                                Cunneiform
Robert Fripp                                    A Blessing of Tears                     Discipline
Djivan Gasparyan                                Ask Me No Questions                     Traditional Crossroads
Lisa Gerrard                                    The Mirror Pool                         4AD
The Heavenly Music Corporation                  Lunar Phase                             Silent
Bob Holroyd                                     Fluidity and Structure                  n/l
The Irresistible Force                          Global Chillage                         Astralwerks
Bill Laswell/Atom Heart/Tetsu Inoue             Second Nature                           Fax
Lightwave                                       Mundus Subterraneuos                    Fathom
Ben Neill                                       Green Machine                           Astralwerks
Node                                            Node                                    Deviant
Patrick O'Hearn                                 Trust                                   Deep Cave
The Orb                                         Orbus Terrarum                          Island
Pablo's Eye                                     You Love Chinese Food                   Extreme
Radio Massacre International                    Frozen North                            Centaur Discs Ltd
Raphael                                         Angels of the Deep                      Hearts of Space
Robert Rich/Brian Lustmord                      Stalker                                 Fathom
Steve Roach/Vidna Obmana                        Well of Souls                           Projekt
Steve Roach/Michael Stearns/Ron Sunsinger       Kiva                                    Fathom
Paul Schutze                                    Apart                                   Virgin
Jonn Serrie                                     Ixlandia                                Miramar
777                                             System 7.3 Fire + Water                 Astralwerks
Adham Shaikh                                    Journey to the Sun                      Instinct
Solar Quest                                     Orgship                                 Freezone
Spacetime Continuum                             Seabiscuit                              Astralwerks
Spice Barrons                                   Future Perfect State                    Silent
Michael Stearns                                 The Lost World                          Fathom
Tim Story                                       In Another Country                      Eurock
Terre Thaemlitz                                 Soil                                    Instinct
David Torn                                      Tripping Over God                       CMP
Tuu                                             All Our Ancestors                       Waveform
Chuck van Zyl                                   The Relic                               Centaur Discs Ltd
Voice of Eye + Life Garden                      The Hungry Void: Fire                   Cyclotron
Vuemorph                                        In Expectancy of the Monumental Awe     Silent
Kit Watkins                                     Holographic Tapestries                  Linden
Carl Weingarten                                 The Acoustic Shadow                     Multiphase
The Paul Winter Consort                         The Man Who Planted Trees               Living Music

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