1996 in Review

1996 in Review

ARTIST                          ALBUM                           LABEL

A Produce                       Inscape & Landscape             Trance Port
Air Sculpture                   Attrition System                Neu Harmony
Alpha Wave Movement             Transcendence                   Harmonic Resonance
Bionaut                         Au Natural                      Tiny Bubbles
Ron Boots                       Screaming Whispers              Cue
Meg Bowles                      Blue Cosmos                     Kumstone
Harold Budd                     Luxa                            Gyroscope
Caul                            Crucible                        Malignant
Coyote Oldman                   The Shape of Time               Ancient Sun
Dogon                           Not Dunjusta                    New Dog
Dr Atmo/Ramin                   Sad World 3                     Fax
The Dweller At The Threshold    No Boundary Condition           Eurock
Dean Evenson                    Dreamstreams                    Soundings of the Planet
Todd Fletcher                   Star                            Arya
Robert Fripp                    Radiophonics                    Discipline
Hemisphere                      Beyond the Darkness             Cue
Bob Holroyd                     Stages                          B H
David Hykes&The Harmonic Choir  Earth to the Unknown Power      Catalyst
Icecake                         Icecake                         Supple
Tetsu Inoue                     World Receiver                  Instinct
Tetsu Inoue/Jonah Sharpe        Electro Harmonix                Fax
Kevin Keller                    Intermezzo                      Zebra
Lightwave                       In Der Underwelt                Plans Sonores
Lightwave                       Uranology                       Plans Sonores
Lobe                            Lobe                            Swim
Pete Namlook                    Air III                         Fax
Pete Namlook/Mixmaster Morris   Dreamfish 2                     Fax
Pete Namlook/Bill Laswell       Outland                         Fax
Pete Namlook/Tetsu Inoue        2350 Braodway 3                 Fax
Pete Namlook/Klaus Schulze      The Dark Side of the Moog V     Fax
Node                            Terminus                        Deviant
Patrick O'Hearn                 Metaphor                        Deep Cave
Jeff Pearce                     The Hidden Rift                 Ancient Sun
James Plotkin/Mick Harris       Collapse                        Asphodel
Radio Massacre International    Republic                        Centaur
Robert Rich                     A Troubled Resting Place        Fathom
Steve Roach                     The Magnificient Void           Fathom
S Roach/S Kent/K Newby          Halcyon Days                    Fathom
Sanjiva                         The Journey                     Ninety Six Sounds
Satori                          Invisible Rhythm                Ancient Sun
Adham Shaik/Tim Floyd           Drift                           Instinct
Stillpoint                      Maps Without Edges              Beyond
Synaesthesia                    Desideratum                     Hypnotic
Paul Tedeschini                 The Grace of Strange Weather    Dear Swirl
Temps Perdu?                    Terra Incognita                 Timebase
Mark Tindle                     Ritual Structures               Ancient Sun
Emmanuel Tuts-Schiemsky         Rust Voor De Stilte             Arya
Vidna Obmana                    The River Of Appearence         Projekt
Kit Watkins                     Beauty Drifting                 Linden
Hector Zazou/Harold Budd        Glyph                           Freezone


Arcanta                         Arcanta EP                      Projekt
Ash Ra Tempel                   The Private Tapes               Manikin
Baked Beans                     Bean Me Up, Scotty              Recycle or Die
David Berhmann                  On the Other Ocean              Lovely
Ron Boots                       Detatchment of Worldy Affairs   Cue
The Brain                       Access + Amplify                Hypnotic
The Carmelite Nun of Lucon      Spirit of the Zither            Milan
Hans Christian                  Surrender                       Allemande
Cluster                         Sowiesoso                       Gyroscope
Cluster                         Grosses Wasser                  Gyroscope
Datacide                        Flowerhead                      Rather Interesting
The Deep Listening Band         Tosca Salad                     Deep Listening
Paul Dresher                    This Same Temple                Lovely
Fetisch Park                    Trost                           Extreme
Global Communication            Remotion                        Dedicated
Paul Haslinger                  World Without Rules             RGB
David Helpling                  Between The Green and Purple    Spotted Peccary
Hemisphere                      Intruders                       Cue
Michael Hoenig/Manuel GottschingEarly Water                     Musique Intemporelle
Tetsu Inoue/Jonah Sharpe        Electro Harmonix                Fax
Al Gromer Khan                  Black Marble & Sweet Fire       Hearts of Space
Kraftwerk                       Radioactivity                   Cleopatra
Labradford                      A Stable Reference              Kranky
Robert Marsalis                 Waves in the Sky                Cue
Pete Namlook/Klaus Schulze      The Dark Side of the Moog IV    Fax
Pete Namlook/Robert Sattler     Kooler                          Fax
Pete Namlook/Tetsu Inoue        Time2                           Fax
Ben Neill                       Tryptical                       Antilles
Hiroki Okano                    Rainbow Over The Gypsy Hill     Innovative Communications
Rainbow Serpent                 Futuregate                      Ardema
Steve Roach                     The Dreamer Descends            Amplexus
Roedelius                       Diary of the Unforgotten        Curious
S.E.T.I.                        Ciphers                         Instinct
S.E.T.I.                        Pharos                          Instinct
Klaus Schulze                   Are You Sequenced?              Eye of the Storm
Paul Schutze                    Abysmal Evenings                Virgin
Stephen Scott                   Vikings of the Sunrise          New Albion
Single Cell Orchestra           Dead Vent 7                     Reflective
Single Cell Orchestra           Single Cell Orchestra           Asphodel
Solitaire                       Fearless                        Recycle or Die
Michael Stearns                 The Light in the Trees          Amplexus
Michael Stearns                 Coll Ambient + Textural Wks     Fathom
Tim Story                       Abridged                        Hearts of Space
Tim Story                       Threads                         Eurock
Daniel Summer                   Mystic Travels                  Northwood Press
Sunkings                        Heart of the Sun (EP)           GPR
Tangerine Dream                 Book of Dreams                  Sequel
Various Artists                 Twilight Earth 2                Timebase
Variuos Artists                 Narratives                      Manifold
Various Artists                 A Swarm of Drones               Asphodel
Various Artists                 Baramundi 3                     Logic
Various Artists                 Em:t Explorer                   Instinct
Various Artists                 Endless 2                       Manifold
Various Artists                 Excursions in Ambience:         Astralwerks
                                 The 4th Orbit
Various Artists                 Gryoscope/Sky Sampler           Gyroscope
Various Artists                 From Here to Tranquility:       Silent
                                 The Silent Channel
Various Artists                 Aural Gratification 2           Aural Gratification
Various Artists                 Three A.D.                      Waveform
Various Artists                 Ambient Systems II              Instinct
Various Artists                 Distributed Shared Memory       Mindspore
Various Artists                 Deep Net                        Side Effects
Various Artists                 The Electronic Music Project    n/l
Various Artists                 A Storm of Drones               Asphodel
Various Artists                 Out There Lies the Truth        Cue
Various Artists                 Echoes Living Room Concerts 2   EchoDisc
Various Artists                 The New Atlantis                Space Age

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