Artist: ['ramp]
Album: arp-en-ciel

Released: 2 May 2023
Label: Doombient

arp-en-ciel Stephen Parsick
Stephen Parsick is more than he can say, so nearly everything we know about this coenobite synth-star comes from attending his many substantial Spacemusic releases. Under the name ['ramp] scene after cerebral scene from his arp-en-ciel (74'53") are intentionally vague in all the right places. Carefully calculated to colonize the listening mind this work's fantastically enjoyable big moments of mind moving high-octane doomy delight make it's nearly 75 minute run-time fly by. So engaged, we are skillfully swept between stars by the magical momentum of this enterprise, one where re-listening will surely allow us to better appreciate all the art and craft put into this album. Returning for its impact, but also for its machine beauty, arp-en-ciel has been realized from potent sounds, which build into dense harmonic forms, out of which emerge motoring sequencer patterns echoing in cosmic cold clarity. In a withheld energy these interlocking runs of notes produce a mounting compositional tension. Haunting us with wild pleasures, ideas release in our minds in stirring cerebration. Yet, under an atmosphere of otherworldly sonics the Berlin-School structure bounds outward along an electrical current of musical bliss. arp-en-ciel may be yet another grasp at light amidst the darkness of existence... or offering us a glimpse of the Infinite... but you may also prefer to think of this work as a special kind of indulgence - to be simply roaming again Parsick's "Doombient" realm...

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END   20 July 2023

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