Artist: Huron
Album: Burning the Past to Light Our Future

Released: 20 June 2020
Label: self-released

Burning the Past to Light Our Future Johnny Lancia
Most EM is described by its magnitude. So much work in this field is known only for its volume, density, speed, energy, mass and duration. Music by Huron (Johnny Lancia) admirably distinguishes itself. By also possessing direction, in addition to these more basic attributes, the inner voyage of his Burning the Past to Light Our Future (28'56") is as stimulating as the outer one attended by listeners. The plot of this release works as well as its purpose. Lancia's modular synthesizer, a paradise of hidden synergies, conspires with the composer to suggest a kind of beautiful, untouchable realm. Its electrical currents, spilling out into the air of our three dimensions, charge the four tracks in a dreamy, reflective glow. In a refinement of this instrument's raw material notes resound over the enigmatic rumbling of ever-churning electro structures. This spell of harmonic turbulence winds down into a shimmering flow of arpeggiated melodies - the notes seeming to dance just a few feet above our heads. Keenly calibrated shifts in surface drift by in breaths of sonic mist, then fade away into smoldering circuitry. Burning the Past to Light Our Future exudes zest and heart under unwavering machine precision. Such invention gives hope, as new kinds of beauty are bound to emerge from this process. As thoughts turn midway into sound, Lancia's artistic labor deals with the materiality of sound, within a living moment of music. A radiant magnificence exists both within us and around us, but is so difficult to encounter, and even harder to sustain. These lofty goals move him to search for something still unknown - while waiting for the echo of a better day.

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END   15 July 2021

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