Artist: Erik Wollo
Album: Cloud of Strings

Label: Projekt
Released: 6 October 2023

Cloud of Strings Erik Wollo
There is a world out there to enjoy, and Erik Wøllo is making his way through it one album at a time. Stylized, not adrenalized, his Cloud of Strings (56'17") again secures his status as a reliably invigorating innovative musician. Wøllo here is feeling grounded by his acoustic guitar, all the while working in a high cerebral register. Blurring the lines between playing and being, the confirmation of this talent comes with a hint of something authentic behind all the technique. The twelve tracks that make up Cloud of Strings are each reaching for perfection - on the six string vibrations sounding out a musical vision. As private melodies, moody turns and shadowy thoughts progress toward resolution, subtle contrasts of cool tonal hues push and pull at the listener's attention. Though polished and sure Cloud of Strings is full of heart and wild touches. Outside the neutrality of basic Ambient Music tight lead lines rise, fall and focus along songs strumming in rhythm, then easing into shimmering plucked chords and building tones. The beauty of this album will be stronger than your drive to daydream. It insists on your attention. This music is like the sharing of a secret - the secret things Erik Wøllo knows about the world, and has figured out how to tell us using his acoustic guitar.

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END   5 October 2023

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