Artist: loscil/Lawrence English
Album: Colours of Air

Released: 3 February 2023
Label: Kranky Records

Colours of Air Scott Morgan & Lawrence English
Alive with dialogue and detail Colours of Air (49'27") grants us an octad of slow-moving headspaces. loscil (a.k.a Scott Morgan) collaborating with Lawrence English endow their work with pensive depths and a studied sedation. Floating forward into a new era of music this duo presents their poetically precise symphonies of thought in a release so lifelike you will not notice how much of you is in it. Colours of Air represents a kind of art that respects our capacity to search and roam. Overtaken by darkness the benighted listener waits for shapeless tangents to emerge and guide us from scene to scene. From bloodless, airless studies in sound to a dense, brick-like heaviness, then giving way to tremulous, nearly weightless, woozy textures; to absorb this album the brain must make connections that cannot be traced in any lab. With no conventional rhythm or melody, that does stick in the mind, whenever changes in atmosphere form a sudden gravity we locate ourselves under distinct districts of sonic pressure. These mysteries of ambience lead one down strange pathways, where the complexity of color pursues a wide-ranging tone through spatially supple settings. But even after engaging very carefully with Colours of Air you will get near the end and still have many questions. Multiple encounters will provide greater insight into the mechanics of these eight realizations - or perhaps a collapse under the weight of their vague intricacies. More than mere songs, these tracks are electronic odes to the mysteries of existence - and in need of a radiant receptivity to beauty to complete their design.

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END   27 April 2023

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