Artist: Martin Stürtzer
Album: Cosmic Echo

Released: 30 May 2023
Label: Synphaera

Cosmic Echo Martin Sturtzer
Obsessed with space, Martin Stürtzer seems to be exploring it one galaxy at a time. Listeners to his Cosmic Echo (63'05") will feel like stowaways aboard an interstellar flight of which he is at the helm. Powered by the aural urgency and motive force of cycling sequencer motifs in machine pattern precision this release sweeps softly across seven starlit tracks of euphonic electronic thought. Its celestial strings, purring pads and exquisite atmospheres provide Cosmic Echo with a fair amount of extraterrestrial drama. Yet, as its pulsing motor tones echo out in tight formation the contemplative and expansive nature of this work reveals a life-giving joy. As the delightful acceleration in energy somehow takes us inside the mind of the musician, we are shaped and reshaped by the new discoveries and unexpected effects of this music. Encountering the quiet drama and dark imaginings of the nebulous region between sleep and wakefulness, repeating structures cycle subtly through light and dark - moving us across lightyears of dreams on nothing more than the pull of the cosmos. A monument to the imagination Stürtzer's vivid sonics and skillful pacing swirl Cosmic Echo to its final scene. When this album finally reaches its deeply satisfying resolution listeners are left with the kind of mind that only the best Spacemusic evokes.

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END   7 July 2023

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