Artist: TM Solver
Album: Dividuum

Released: 25 February 2023
Label: Syngate

Dividuum Thomas Meier
A full understanding of any journey requires knowing the route one has traveled. Thomas Meier's journey as TM Solver delves deeply into the visions and innovations of the Berlin-School, and tends to them with the confidence that there is ever more music to contribute to this field. On Dividuum (75'51") this cosmic sonic electronic poetry again comes to life. Vague in just the right places, with meaning filled in by the imagination, its seven tracks advance a spacey authority of stellar sonority. Each piece develops incrementally, steadily progressing and expanding along an arc of creativity. As their energy whirls, and Meier's mastery of the intricacies of sequencer construction becomes apparent, we move with the propulsion of interlocking patterns lovingly decorated by sparking sparkling accents. A precisely tooled and tuned wonderment calls to us from the outer reaches, as both fixed and fleeting moments find order within the mind of the listener. From the cold clarity of billowing synth strings and forget-about-tomorrow lead lines, to its impactful pulsations, rhythms and echoing effects, we find that whatever power Dividuum possesses rests in its finest subtleties - as it lands us certainly, safely and softly somewhere in the domain of dreams.

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END   27 July 2023

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