Artist: Cosmic Ground
Album: Entropy

Released: 31 March 2023
Label: Studio Fleisch

Entropy Dirk Jan Muller
Dirk Jan Müller vibrates at his own frequency. Relentlessly wired, his work in Cosmic Ground generates both signal and noise. His message and meaning comes through the electrical medium in longer than usual, slowly oscillating waves. Entropy (72'35") probes the sub-currents of Electronic Music as it expands in rewarding directions. A sense of surrender is essential for the full enjoyment of this release. Each of its eight tracks shift seamlessly from one point of view to the next, prompting us to open ourselves for an experience of slowed-down, move-close listening and thinking. With more complexity, and a higher level of organization than conventional music, Entropy propels outward ominously. Where its industrial crush yields a haunted cosmic haze, further in an untamed terrain becomes hard, stark and pleasingly disorienting. Quietly poetic across the lulling run time Müller is constantly folding in unexpected sounds and textures appropriate for this Kosmische Musik style. Vast emotional surges cascade through the mind - triggering memories, analysis, and all the senses. The pensive depths beckon, and we shudder at what they may contain. Each piece slowly reveals itself, and the richly expressive soundscapes hold your attention - because you are never entirely sure where they are taking you. In one moment the air seems to tense up around us. In the next, lush insistent voices warp against one another beneath a sudden gravity. In constant connection to itself this serenade for the land of dreams adds significantly to the Berlin-School of EM. Through great technical talent and creative capability this album expands our idea of what Spacemusic can be and how far it can go. Ethereal emanations swirl in a sonic storm of timbre, gently giving way to a mechanized, calibrated dance of energized masses. Motorik sequencer runs enter, pattern, flex, echo, and recede before the advancing harmony of newer textures - which engulfs machine control on a darkening plain. Conjuring a moment of consonance in The Universe Cosmic Ground traces a path through the brain - where every phrase, rhythm, pitch and gesture is subdivided, distributed and reassembled over an infinitely complex network of mechanisms and convergences. Opening countless doorways within the mind, Entropy is stimulating enough to keep you up way past your bedtime - which is always the best time to consider such sounds, music and thoughts.

Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END - 6 April 2023

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