Artist: Tetsu Inoue
Album: Inland

Released: 18 May 2007
Label: Fax

Inland Tetsu Inoue
Whether you are directly in front of the speakers or off in an adjacent room, Inland (57'16") is an interesting album. The eight tracks on Tetsu Inoue's fourth release for the Fax label remain blissfully in the realm of Ambient Music. The seemingly simple music creates a peaceful and expansive atmosphere yet is deceptively complex in its structure and form. The beautiful build-up of drones and pads churn and stir in every way imaginable. At once dreamlike and vibrant, the listener virtually swims in Inoue's ambient washes of sound. Long tones trace a gentle arc across a minimalistic soundscape above breathing tones and waves of shifting timbre. The album has the feel of music moving in slowly swirling currents. Cast in muted tones Inland succeeds at environmental enhancement as well as at the forefront of listening, and provides an unknown adventure into an unknown space.

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END   23 August 2007

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