Artist: subtractiveLAD
& Tamika Roberts
Album: Ocean

Label: self-released
Released: 1 December 2023

Ocean Stephen Hummel Tamika Roberts
Somewhere during a commercial music endeavor subtractiveLAD (otherwise known as the neoteric navigator Stephen Hummel) and the up and coming singer songwriter Tamika Roberts created the four supremely beautiful tracks of Ambient Music found on Ocean (65:32), an album which appears to exist and flow without any regard to mortal factors. Such ethereal music would seem to interrogate The Universe itself. Its rippling textures, dreamy atmospheres and aspiring ideals are far too beautiful to be real. The open-hearted performances, fearless in laying bare sensitive souls, leave listeners drifting in sonic splendor, free to roam the sea, the stars, and the symphony of the mind. In emotive bestowals missing from much of the sound art circulating the spaceways, throughout Ocean this duo realizes something gently revelatory, something that cohabitates your mind and soothes your thoughts exactly the way you need it to. With its softly breathing synths, seraphic voices, and electric piano patter we may imagine Ocean extending to the shores of some celestial realm. But it may be that this music was meant to bear us on tides of harmony across the Fearless, Boundless, Painless, Endless wonder of the continent within.


- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END   18 January 2024

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