Artist: Paul Ellis
Album: Panoramas 2

Released: 21 September 2021
Label: Groove Unlimited

Panoramas 2 Paul Ellis
Paul Ellis' journey of self-realization continues on Panoramas 2 (65'11"). The second album of this trilogy delivers the most empyreal moments thus far. Throughout his free-form excursion into sound and atmosphere, Ellis is perfectly sure of what notes to hit. With his robust interior world moving ever outward, this release does not unfold before the listener so much as it enfolds us into its quest for meaning. In the more abstract passages Panoramas 2 bypasses the conscious sensibilities for a direct connection to that which is beyond words. With no signposts or mile markers, we become lost among the neural regions. In gorgeous swirls and upward scales the music portrays a spirit of becoming, while further in shivering chill currents pass netherward - past the control of known forces. In sustaining synth chords and ardent melodies Ellis stirs up an expression of elemental strength. His Panoramas 2 lends sonic energy to the language of ideas in a remarkable flow of sensation and reflection. Arousing a category of thought that occurs without words, images or symbols of any kind, we are left to find meaning in the sounds we hear and the textures we feel emanating from these resonant dimensions.

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END   16 December 2021

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