Artist: Stellarium
Album:Pillars of Light
& Solar Magnitude

Released: 21 March 2023 &
24 October 2023
Label: Exosphere

Pillars of Light Solar Magnitude
Recording under the name Stellarium the Electronic Musician Sebastian Hebert has realized both Pillars of Light (72:05) and Solar Magnitude (67:48) in the poetics of the present. Across eight tracks each these releases prove rich in sonic symbolism and contemplation of the complexities of our place in the Cosmos. While ever so cerebral in meaning, it is the conception and execution of these works that is consistently astonishing. As sequencer patterns divide, stratify and wind out in cycling circuits of well-ordered notes, synth harmonies rise, blossom and recede, inviting us to examine the abysmal tones and churning drones of dungeon synths and shadowy labyrinths. Pillars of Light and Solar Magnitude share a driving energy, a quality that makes us want to more explore. While their building sound forces do indeed seem to move with the night, this music contains much light, meant to illuminate a path ahead. The synthetic shades and spacey scale point to endless future possibilities, yet it is Hebert's talent for drama and design that will most readily touch and warm Spacemusic fans. Some people only see The Universe as something to conquer and rule, others as something to explore and comprehend. If you listen to these albums yourself, with open ears and open heart, then you will be left to dream about them for yourself - in the dark corners of the galaxy inside.

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END   11 January 2024

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